Katharine McPhee’s Engagement Ring Reveal on Instagram Is a Bittersweet Moment

Katharine McPhee and David Foster have been engaged for less than a month, and what should be a blissfully happy time for the couple, has been slightly dimmed by the passing of the singer’s father last week. 

On Monday, McPhee announced on social media that her dad died the previous morning, describing her heartbreak to fans. However, there was a silver lining: She was able to show him her engagement ring from fiancé David Foster before he passed. 

“My dad was so happy for me. My ring was the last thing I showed my dad before he passed and makes me smile when I look at this as a reminder of our last conversation,” McPhee wrote on Instagram next to a photo of her stunning diamond sparkler. “And now I’m ready to share with all of you what has been my sunshine amongst this painful loss.”

She continued her bittersweet message by adding: “My love wisely said to me the other day that ‘death is the only thing that is 100 percent inevitable and the thing we are least prepared for.’ So today we’re celebrating life and not forgetting love.”

A few weeks prior to her dad’s death, the American Idol alum shared that she was engaged to legendary musician David Foster, revealing that he popped the question during their recent vacation to Italy. 

“He did it at the top of this mountain in Anacapri. Totally dark, only stars. Thankfully he didn’t push me off the cliff,” she joked. “He said it was one or the other. And in the end he spared me.”

As Foster is 34 years McPhee’s senior and has been married four times prior, their engagement has been met with much criticism. McPhee swiftly shut down the naysayers a mere three-days after the news became public. “Y’all should be worrying more about registering to vote and midterm elections than who’s marrying me,” McPhee wrote on Twitter, adding, “Thank you for coming to my TED talk.”

Hopefully these road bumps make their relationship even stronger. 

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