What is Brooklyn Beckham's net worth & how much does the son of the Manchester United legend earn?

He may be most famous for his last name, but the eldest Beckham has started to make a name for himself in the photography and modelling industries

Brooklyn Beckham is one of the most recognisable young stars on the planet, as the son of ex-Manchester United player David Beckham and fashion mogul Victoria Beckham.

The oldest of the four Beckham children, he has taken a different route than that of his father’s and has pursued a career in the creative arts, dabbling in modelling, photography, and most recently, directing.

But how much exactly is Beckham worth, and what else does he do? Goal takes a look.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Beckham’s net worth is listed at £800,000 ($1 million) through a variety of his endorsement deals, sponsorships, and modelling and photography work.

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He published his first photography book, What I See, in 2017, which documents a series of snapshots of his life. The book contains a different story through pictures by and of Beckham, accompanied by captions and passages of text in his own words.

In July 2019, Beckham made his directorial debut with the music video ‘End of the World’ by UK band JAWS alongside fellow filmmaker Louis Berry.

Beckham was inspired to start directing after he “fell in love” with the band’s song after seeing them at a concert.

“It sparked an idea in me to make a music video for the guys,” Beckham said in a press release. “I met with Connor and the band to ask them if I could. They loved the idea that Louis and I came up with and before we knew it, we were shooting it. I had so much fun filming and co-directing this one, I would love to direct more videos in future.”

You can watch the music video below.

Like his father, the oldest Beckham son has a slew of lucrative endorsement deals with the likes of BMW, Box Clever Sports and Ferragamo.

Beckham also has a wide following of Chinese fans and has been the face of Huawei Honor 8 Android phones alongside Scarlett Johansson, Karlie Kloss and Henry Cavill.

At the time of writing, the photographer had a following of 11.6 million spread on Instagram, his main social media platform.

Like his parents, Beckham spends a significant amount of his time involved in philanthropy and charity projects. He has been involved in projects with WWF in helping save endangered wildlife, and has been involved with the NHS’s blood donation campaign.

He has also travelled to South Africa to work on furthering HIV care and research.

He wrote: “Anna Nooshin and I went to South Africa recently to support @globalfund and @gatesfoundation. We met Sipho, an amazing young South African woman living with HIV, featured in this picture. When she smiles, she radiates so much happiness. Thanks to the innovations in treatment, progress in HIV care has been transformative for Sipho and others.

“Thanks to @globalfund, these treatments are accessible to young people worldwide. But this shouldn’t stop us from continuing to fight AIDS and the stigma many HIV-positive young adults still have to face.
So grateful I got to go on this trip and thrilled to hear that the UK will continue supporting @globalfund amazing work.”

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