Even Blake Lively Is Now Dressing Like Meghan Markle

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While they have the same taste in coats, they styled the jacket very differently. Markle wore it closed and bundled up with a scarf, simple black top, wide-leg pants, and pumps, and Lively wore it open over a cream turtleneck. She paired the striped top with a printed skirt and olive green boots (shop similar here).

As for the occasion, the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants star was out and about in Bedford, N.Y. to attend an Easter celebration at Martha Stewart’s house with her daughter James. In the past, Stewart had gone on record with some not-so-positive comments about Lively after she launched her now-defunct lifestyle site Preserve.

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But it seems all is well now between the two baking aficionados, as Lively later said she was trying to become friends with her new neighbor. In 2014, Lively talked about befriending the lifestyle expert during a Q&A they held together.

“[Ryan Reynolds] rides around on his motorcycle, and Martha said, ‘Oh, I know how to ride a motorcycle, I can go with him.’ That’s the only woman that could creep up on my man! I said to him, ‘Oh, please, go with Martha, it would be so great for us!'” Lively said.

Seems like she’s finally made it.

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