Uighur woman in Netherlands says she leaked documents on China's 're-education' camps

A Uighur woman who lives in the Netherlands has reportedly said she leaked documents on China’s “re-education” camps for Uighur Muslims. 

Asiye Abdulaheb told Dutch newspaper de Volksrant that she received the government documents over the summer, and then tried to share them, according to NBC News.

The documents were reported on by a series of news outlets and shed light on the facilities. 


Abdulaheb told de Volksrant that she has faced death threats, according to NBC.

One such threat reportedly said, “You will end up in pieces in the black Kliko in your front yard,” referring to an outdoor trash can. 

“I need protection,” Abdulaheb told the newspaper.

It has been reported that more than a million Uighurs, Kazakhs and others have been detained at internment camps in China over the past three years. 

The camps have faced scrutiny following media reports on leaked Chinese government documents.

This week, the House overwhelmingly passed a bill calling on the Trump administration to sanction Chinese officials due to treatment of the Uighurs. 

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