Anguished Indians Want Strong Anti-Human Trafficking Laws, Victims Tell Horrifying Stories

India always stands united against the social evils in the society. People usually speak in one voice to end the harmful practices and look forward for an equal and inclusive society. Human trafficking is one such practice that seeks the utmost attention of the lawmakers. It has to end now.

Section 370 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) that deals with the illegal trafficking of humans needs to be made stronger; requires more teeth, urges an anguished Suresh Manjhi of Gaya District in Bihar, whose family has been in agricultural bondage for several generations.

Manjhi along with nine other trafficked victims in a pained and painstakingly way reveal their horrifying physical and mentally draining loss of self and dignity, and as fortunate survivors post dehumanisation appealed to the nation’s lawmakers to pass a strong and punitive anti-trafficking bill without delay.

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