Boulder Mom's School Lunch Debt Campaign Nears $50k In Donations

BOULDER, CO — Kate LaCroix’s mission to pay off the Boulder Valley School District’s student lunch debt began in her kitchen on a pajama-clad morning last fall. The campaign has now raised nearly $50,000 toward the district’s total $232,000 debt from families who are unable to afford to pay lunch bills, has captured the nation’s attention, and this week landed LaCroix a guest spot on The Rachael Ray Show.

LaCroix says that the idea for her campaign came to her shortly after Thanksgiving, when she read a story online about a man who had paid off people’s holiday layaway debts. When parents can’t afford to pay for their kids’ meals at school, “The kids still get to eat, but they get the bill,” said LaCroix during her TV spot, explaining why she chose BVSD as her philanthropic target.

The campaign caught fire. “The next thing I know I had a boy breaking open his piggy bank in Chicago to give me four dollars,” LaCroix told Ray. By the time she arrived on Ray’s set this Thursday, she had received about $38,000 in donations.

Ray was ready to help with more than just a bit of national exposure. On-air, she presented LaCroix with a surprise check for $10,000, courtesy of Cali’Flour Foods, bringing the campaign’s total to nearly $50,000.

“This is really how you are supposed to live your life,” said LaCroix, talking about her work over the last three months. “This is true happiness.”

Donations can be made to Boulder Valley School District to help with LaCroix’s campaign on the School Food Project page of the district website.

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