Binotto reveals Ferrari’s interest in potential IndyCar entry!

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto has revealed that the Italian manufacturer is considering an entry into IndyCar, possibly as soon as 2022, as a means for the Scuderia to deploy its excess F1 resources.

The introduction next season of Formula 1’s budget cap, fixed at $145 million, will leave Ferrari with a surplus of staff devoted to its racing efforts and the necessity to restructure part of its racing department.

In order to avoid painful and costly layoffs, Ferrari is investigating other categories of racing where it could direct engineering resources.

The World Endurance Championship is one arena currently being looked at by Ferrari, but Binotto confirmed that Ferrari was also doing its due diligence on IndyCar.

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So Mario Andretti’s recent plea for Maranello to get involved in the US series as a chassis or engine manufacturer might well become a reality in the future.

“Ferrari feels a lot of social responsibility towards its employees and we want to be sure that for each of them there will be a workspace in the future,” Binotto told Sky Italia;

“For this reason we have started to evaluate alternative programs, and I confirm that we are looking at IndyCar, which is currently a very different category from ours [F1] but with a change of regulation scheduled in 2022 [introduction of hybrid engines].

“We also observe the world of endurance racing and other series [as options. We will try to make the best choice.”

Ferrari’s interest in IndyCar notwithstanding, there is a barrier to entry to the series as current regulations only allow two engine manufacturers – Honda and Chevrolet – and one chassis manufacturer – Dallara.

The Scuderia’s involvement, to be concrete, would therefore require a significant regulation change from IndyCar, and a commitment from Ferrari, as an engine supplier, to power one third of the grid.

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