2017: A Year in Writing, Podcasts, and Vblogs

2017 has been busy! I took on the role of webmaster for a local track and field site, pushed halfway through a master’s program, my track team finished top five at state for the fourth time in eight years, I released the Sprinter’s Compendium, and our family welcomed our second child Scarlett. Scarlett had a terrifying beginning where she spent weeks in the NICU and whispered talk of brain damage. However, I am happy to say much like her sister our baby girl has so far beaten the odds and now hitting all of the milestones expected for an infant five months in age. A lot of prayer, positive vibes, and love shared from every corner of the world genuinely made a difference. My family and I cannot express how much your support helped us keep things in perspective. I continued to be humbled by the kindness of humanity.

I learned a lot of lessons working as a webmaster and now a published author. As I promote, cheerlead, and reflect on the Sprinter’s Compendium, it is interesting to move into the world of paid “gurus.” Five years of effort coming to completion has been gratifying. Going through the process, the learning curve has been steep. Again everyone has been very kind in their support and reviews of the book. I know nothing is perfect but completing the Sprinter’s Compendium (purchased here https://goo.gl/bwpRGy) gives me an immense sense of pride coming from someone who still struggles with dysgraphia.

Now, what seems like a standard end to my calendar year, I want to share with you all of the different places I have written, spoken, or presented throughout 2017. It is my hope you will find the links enclosed below to be a nice review, educationally stimulating, and peaks your curiosity deeper into the world of speed. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions as it is my goal to mentor those whom desire it. Please share this story with those who you feel it could help. Happy New Year. Much love and hugs.

Ultimate Recruiting Guide for High School Athletes [PODCAST]

Ultimate Recruiting Guide for High School Athletes [PODCAST]

Back to the Basics of Speed

Back to the Basics of Speed

Banta Puts His, Other Coaches Speed Wisdom, Passion into Book: Sprinter’s Compendium

Banta puts his, other coaches speed wisdom, passion into book: Sprinters Compendium

Podcast #48: The Sprinter’s Compendium with Ryan Banta

Podcast #48: The Sprinter’s Compendium with Ryan Banta

My Contribution to “The Sprinter’s Compendium” – Tony Holler


Pacey Performance Podcast #157 – Ryan Banta (Teacher & Coach at Parkway Central High School)


First Vblog introduction into my Master’s Class

The Sprinters Compendium Review by Steve Magness

The Sprinters Compendium

The Sprinter’s Compendium Home Site



The Sprinters Compendium Book Review by Mike Hurst

The Sprinters Compendium Book Review by Mike Hurst

Two Weekends, Two Championships for Coach Martise Scott


Rock Bridge Wins its First Girl’s Trophy


Blue Springs Wins a Close One


Carthage Has a Historic State Meet


Titans Are Synonymous with Titles


Salisbury Savors it’s State Trophy


Periodization Done Different Ways for Track & Field


Jefferson R-7 Had a Fantastic Finish to Their Season


Cleveland ROTC Class 2 Boy’s State Champions


New Covenant’s Trinity of Greatness


Coach’s Toolkit: Learning Perspective


Tapering Strategies for Peak Cycle


Coach’s Toolkit: Training and Racing Above or Below Event Specialty


Athlete Spotlight: Octavia Cato and McCluer South


Team Spotlight: Hazelwood Central Girls and Their New Coach


Coach’s Toolkit: Biomechanics Drills for High Speed Running


How to Balance Being A Champion Coach & Parent


Interview with NCAA champion Hannah Cunliffe and Coach Curtis Taylor


How to Build a High School Program in Ten Steps


Coach’s Toolkit: Evaluating New Athletes


Coach’s Toolkit: Acceleration and Maximum Velocity Training.


Coach’s Toolkit: March Madness Block Tournament


Interview with Gwen Berry the new World Record Holder


The Wonderful Gift of Girl’s Track: International Women’s Day


Workout Wednesday: Plyometrics Progressions


MSHSAA Indoor State Championship History


Alicia Burnett: US #1 Freshman in the 60M


The Flying Dutchman: Athlete Spotlight Devon Ridenhour Owensville High School


How to Train the 400/800 meters Double

How to Train the 400/800 meters Double

10 Things I learned from Sprinter’s Compendium [Dutch Clinic 2017]


Sprinter’s Compendium Podcast #1

Sprinter’s Compendium Podcast #1

Warm Up for the Winter- Different Warm Up Methods for Track & Field


Ryan Banta

Ryan is a successful high school coach. His athletes have achieved 76 school records, 2 top four finishes at the state championships, 3 district championships, 107 state semi-finalist (sectionals), 63 state qualifiers, 2 state records (3200 and 4×800), 14 national ranked events, 34 all state performances, 8 state champions, 7 runner up performances, and 2 Gatorade athletes of the year. Ryan is a USATF level II coach in the sprints, hurdles, relays, and endurance and recently earned a USTFCCCA track and field technical coaching certification.


Dad, Husband, Teacher, & Track & Field Coach. Author of Sprinter’s Compendium https://t.co/8gOzOSvdEh. Contributor @speedendurance @justflysports

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