Weymouth Police Officer, Bystander Killed In Morning Shooting

WEYMOUTH, MA — Weymouth was still reeling Sunday night after a police officer and bystander were shot to death earlier in the morning by a suspect who got hold of the officer’s gun, officials said.

Officer Michael Chesna, 42, was killed when a suspect identified as Emanuel Lopes, 20, struck Chesna in the head with a large rock, took his gun and then shot Chesna in the head and chest, the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office said.

Lopes also allegedly killed a woman who was in her home while he fled police.

Lopes was shot by police in the leg and apprehended. He will be arraigned Monday on two murder counts, whether in court or in his South Shore Hospital.

“This is an awful day for Weymouth and for Massachusetts. Our hearts are very much with the surviving families of these victims,” District Attorney Michael Morrissey said.

Chesna was responding to a report of an erratic driver near South Shore Hospital shortly after 7:30 a.m. He arrived to find a BMW crashed and the driver – later identified as Lopes – allegedly vandalizing a home on Burton Terrace.

Chesna drew his gun and gave commands, but Lopes struck Chesna in the head with a rock, authorities said. Lopes then allegedly grabbed Chesna’s gun and fired shots into his head and chest.

A second officer confronted Lopes, shooting him once in the lower leg. Lopes allegedly fled and fired off three more shots from Chesna’s gun. One bullet traveled into a neighbor’s home, killing a woman inside. Officials are withholding her identity until her family can be notified.

Lopes was apprehended and brought to South Shore Hospital with injuries that are not considered to be life-threatening.

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Chesna was a father of two young children, ages 4 and 9. He was described as a family man. Chesna, an Army veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, would have been on the force six years tomorrow.

Chesna grew up in Weymouth and graduated from Weymouth High. He got a bachelor’s degree from Northeastern.

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Dozens of police departments from across Massachusetts are tweeting in support of Weymouth Police. Cruisers assembled at South Shore Hospital in a show of solidarity.

Superintendent Massachusetts State Police Colonel Kerry A. Gilpin offered the State Police Department’s condolences Sunday to the family of Officer Chesna, the family of the Weymouth woman who was also killed, and the Weymouth Police Department.

“The State Police Detective Unit for Norfolk County, the State Police Crime Scene Services Section, and the State Police Ballistics Section, and our State Police Crime Lab will work tirelessly alongside District Attorney Morrissey and the Weymouth Police Department to speak for these two victims by holding the defendant accountable for these horrific crimes,” said Gilpin.

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