EuroVolley 2013 without Zbigniew Bartman? It is almost foregone!

It seems the best spiker of the World League 2012, Zbigniew Bartman, will watch the EuroVolley 2013, held in Denmark and Poland, on TV. Andrea Anastasi, the head coach of Poland National Team, passed him over in the appointements for the Hubert Wagrer’s Memorial, which will be the major test for Poland befoer the European Championships.


Poland played three friendly games against Serbia last weekend, when Andrea Anastasi could test and compare his player’s skills and shape before the EuroVolley. Poland failed all these matches, however, the very spar turned out to be burden of conditions for Zbigniew Bartman.    

The new opposite of Casa Modena launched the premiere match on Friday, but was substituded by Jakub Jarosz in the third set due to a poor disposition (5/19, 26% of efficiency in spiking). Jarosz contributed brand-new positive energy and what is more important much higher quality.

Next day, Bartman even was not signed up to the transmission protocol of the game. Andrea Anastasi set up into the line-up a debutant Grzegorz Bociek, the best scorer of Plus Liga regular season and this year’s Universiade in Kazan. This 22-years old opposite played an outstanding game picking 30 points including 7 aces and 5 blocks.

On the last match against Serbia, the Italian coach of Poland believed in Grzegorz Bociek again, while Zbigniew Bartman spent almost the whole game on the bench gaining a short chance hardly in the last set.            

Immediately after the matches, Andrea Anastasi presented the squad for the Hubert Wagner’s Memorial and the most likely to the EuroVolley 2013. You can look for Zbigniew Bartman there, however, in vain.

The opposite staff is composed by Jakub Jarosz and Grzegorz Bociek. Is this the end of the Bartman’s adventure with the Poland National Team this season? Parhaps, he did not coped with the pressure exerted on him by young and talented Grzegorz Bociek

“The coach, Andrea Anastasi has thanked Zbigniew Bartman for his work and commitment so far,” Polish Volleyball Federation written in a terse comments.

Poland for the Hubert Wagner’s Memorial:
Setters: Lukasz Zygadło, Fabian Drzyzga
Opposites: Jakub Jarosz, Grzegorz  Bociek
Receivers: Bartosz Kurek, Michał Winiarski, Michał Kubiak,  Michał Ruciak, Wojciech Włodarczyk
Middle-Blockers: Piotr Nowakowski, Marcin Mozdzonek, Łukasz Wiśniewski, Andrzej Wrona
Liberos: Paweł Zatorski, Damian Wojtaszek

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Friendly games between Serbia and Poland:

August 30th:

Serbia – Poland 3 – 1 (25-20, 20-25, 25-18, 25-23)

Serbia: Jovovic 3, Nikic 9, Lisinac 9, Atanasijevic 24, Petric 8, Podrascanin 6, Vujic (L) and  Rasic 0, Ivovic 4
Poland: Drzyzga 3, Winiarski 3, Mozdzonek 7, Bartman 8, Kurek 15, Nowakowski 9, Zatorski (L) and Jarosz 9, Kubiak 8, Zygadlo 0, Wlodarczyk 0, Wojtaszek (L), Bociek 0

August 31st:

Serbia – Poland 3 – 2 (19-25, 28-30, 25-18, 25-23, 15-13)

Serbia: Petkovic 1, Nikic 15, Lisinac 12, Atanasijevic 21, N.Kovacevic 16, Podrascanin 10, Rosic (L); Rasic 0, Petric 0
Poland: Zygadlo 3, Kubiak 10, Mozdzonek 8, Bociek 30, Kurek 20, Wrona 13, Wojtaszek (L); Nowakowski 0, Wlodarczyk 0, Jarosz 0

September 1st:

Serbia – Poland 3 – 1 (28-26, 23-25m 25-18, 25-18)

Serbia: Jovovic 2, Kovacevicic 12, Rasic 9, Starovic 20, Petric 18, Lisinac 12, Vujic (L)
Poland: Zygadlo 4, Kubiak 14, Wrona 6, Bociek 16, Kurek 15, Nowakowski 2, Zatorski (L) and Wlodarczyk 2, Mozdzonek 6, Bartman 4

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