Tale of Volleyball Missile growth in four years (PART 4) – 2014 – the Year of Iran

2014 World League, auto – self showing of Boban and saber-rattling of Iran

Slobodan Kovac- “Boban” as they call him,  came to Iran, though some were “playing their own musical instrument” and were saying that Kovac has less time and is coming late to Iran and…. . But he could make changes and very soon things turned out. The young and motivated Boban stepped into the games of the FIVB 2014 World league and it was the second presence for volleyball of Iran in this big arena of the world. His team along with teams of ITALY, BRAZIL and POLAND was in Pool A.




In 2 matches of the international round Iran was defeated 3-0 by Italy. So those who were criticizing raised their heads again. The situation did not remain the same as Kovac and his assistants very soon found familiarity with players. In the second weekend Iran stood in front of Brazil, and was defeated 3-2, by getting only one point. In the second match which was a sensitive game, Iran took the victory with 3-0. The players of Kovac smashed again Brazil with 3-2 Azadi sports hall in their first match in front of local fans.

This time the world’s mass media named the win of Iran as a historical one. In the second match Iran lost the game with same result to Brazil. The next opponent of Iran was Italy. In Azadi hall Iran was defeated with 3-0, but in the second match became the winner over Italy by 3-0.

Victories against Poland were repeated by 3-1 and 3-0 in first and second games in Tehran. Iran guaranteed his ascending to the next phase of the league. In next match Iran lost 0-3 to Poland. Iran played its last match with Poland on July 5th  2014 and lost 0-3 once again. Win of Iran against Poland in Tehran had finalized ascending of Iran, in the final round Iran stood in same poll with Brazil and Russia.

In the first match Iran played versus Russia and the result by 3-2 went for Russia. In next game Iran beat Brazil 3-1 and once more was able to cast his power in the world. Iran unbelievably omitted champion of the last period for the first time in history of world league and stood among the 4 superior teams of the competitions. In next phase Iran confronted with USA but lost the match with 0-3. In ranking game Iran became opponent of Italy, got defeat from Italy and achieved the 4th rank in the FIVB World league 2014.


Hussein Maadani – coach of team passed away; it was a big disaster for Iran

After that, in a year while Iran volleyball was involved in important and valid tournament, players of Kovac were going to prepare themselves for the World championship. All of a sudden Hussein Maadani- coach of Iran team, passed away. The news was a big shock for the national team and volleyball society of Iran. He had worked hard for many years for volleyball as a player and a coach. After battling with diseases at last he was surrender and passed away aged 43. He went away from eyes of net and ball people but not from their hearts and memories.

World championship of 2014, #TeamIran by Kovac becomes a legendry team

Despite all the hardships the players of Kovac were preparing for participation in the valid World championship of 2014. Iran was in a pool  with the national teams of Italy, USA, France, Puerto Rico and Belgium

Iran got the victory 3-1 in its first match vs. Italy 3-1, and also added another win with 3-2 while in the second match against USA Krakov Arena  France was the third opponent of Iran. Les Bleus beat Iran 3-1. In two last matches against Belgium and Puerto Rico Iran won respectively 3-1 and 3-0 and for a first time in its volleyball history ascended to the next round of the World championship. In second round Iran was in a pool with the teams of Italy, France, Poland, Serbia, Argentina and Australia.

In first compete Iran saw his Asian, Oceania rival of Australia and pushed back with 3-1. In the second step in an exciting game Iran smashed Argentina 3-0. Poland defeated 3-2 Iran in the following match in Atlas Arena. The next opponent of Iran was Serbia. The players around Kovac took the win by3-1 and for the first time ascended into the circle of six superior teams of the World championship.

At the semifinal round Germany and France defeated respectively with results of 3-0, 3-2.  Iran hindered from ascending to the final ranking and took its place among the 4 best teams. After a defeat by Russia with 3-0 Iran got the 6th rank.

This is the best rank for volleyball of Iran in the World championship. The performance of Iran team turned it as a surprising team for world mass media.

This success of Iranian team was remarkable and the newspaper of La Gazzetta dello Sport named Iran team as the legendry team of the 18th cup.

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