VolleyCountry teams up with Go Pro Workouts

Go Pro Workouts based in Nashua, N.H. teams up with VolleyCountry in sharing Destinee Hooker’s professional caliber workout program.


VolleyCounry is a great resource offering a collection of news and videos about the sport of volleyball. Destinee is one of the best volleyball players in the female game today. She has amazing technique and power and spends a lot of time off the court improving her fitness level. “If you are you looking to become a stronger and more conditioned volleyball athlete, then this is the program for you,” says Jared Antista, Co-Founder of Go Pro workouts.

With Team USA Volleyball Attacker Destinee Hooker’s 8 week Go Pro Workout, you gain access to the real strength and conditioning training regimen used by one of the best attackers in the world.

Volleycountry wants to help players to become better athletes. Go Pro Workout’s offers the tools to do it. With such a program aspiring players can increase their volleyball potential. We are happy to announce cooperation with Go pro workout,” says Jiri Popelka, VolleyCountry CEO.

Follow us on our journey as we explore a series of exercises taken from Destinee’s program. To access her complete 8-week program visit https://www.goproworkouts.com/workouts/volleyball/destinee_hooker

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