World Cup tournament with Japan for 2015 and 2019

FIVB announced the extension of cooperation with the Japan Volleyball Association (JVA) and Fuji TV for another eight years.


“The World Cup plays an integral role in the Olympic qualification process and is a very important tournament for volleyball all round so we are delighted to be able to continue the tradition of holding the event in Japan,” FIVB President Dr. Ary S. Graça said. “This agreement ensures that one of volleyball’s most famous tournaments continues to be staged in one of the sport’s most popular countries, whilst extending our extraordinary friendship with Fuji TV.”

“We are very pleased to be able to host the FIVB World Cup for the 11th time,” JVA President Taizaburo Nakano said. “It is a great honour to have the opening Olympic qualification process in Japan and to continue our collaboration with the FIVB and Fuji TV.”

A men’s first edition of World Cup was held in Poland in 1965, but the most significant change came in 1991, when the World Cup became an Olympic Games qualification event prior to the 1992 Barcelona Games, guaranteeing the winners an Olympic berth. It has remained that way ever since, with the number of Olympic qualification berths increasing to three in 1995 ahead of the Atlanta 1996 Games.

World Cup 2011 was won by Russia. Besides them, also Poland and Brazil gained their tickets to London.

source: FIVB


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