Buenos Aires defeated the title holder in a tie-breaker

At Drean Bolívar field, Republica de Venezuela Stadium, the visiting team coached by Waldo Kantor won the first match of both teams of the 2010/11 ACLAV Argentine A1 Men Teams by 2-3 (25-20, 20-25, 25-18, 18-25, 10-15).




In a match that promised excitement and emotions, the several years’ consecutive champion, lost against one of the teams that promises to fight the top places and even the title of the season that started last Thursday. The team arrived from Mar del Plata accompanied by several fans and the Province Sport Secretariat and showed great claws in a spectacular match that changed hands on every set.

The match not only showed great experienced players like Milinkovic, Hernandez and Giani on the visiting team and Firpo and García on the home team but both setters, Meana brothers faced each other. Also there was the extra seasoning that Garcia had played for Bolívar during seven years and it was one of the star of the rival, after changing teams due to being separated from the Argentine Men Team by Javier Weber (also Bolivar Coach) just a few days prior to the 2010 World Championship. To add to this match, the coaches, Weber and Kantor were former playing mates at the Argentine Men Team. 

Buenos Aires Unidos wrote the first page of this promising 2010/11 season.

Drean Bolívar (2): Luciano De Cecco, Federico Pereyra; Gabriel Arroyo (C), Sebastián Solé, Jean Carlo Badalotti, Lucas Ocampo, Pablo Meana (L).
Substitute players included: Iván Castellani, Javier Filardi
Coach: Javier Weber. 

Buenos Aires Unidos (3): Sebastián Firpo, Marcos Milinkovic (C), André Radtke, Ihosvany Hernández, Guillermo García, Gastón Giani, Martín Meana (L).
Substitute players included: Juan Finoli, Bruno Vinti, Enrique Laneri, Rodrigo Ronda.
Coach: Waldo Cantor

Stadium: República de Venezuela (San Carlos de Bolívar, Buenos Aires prov.)
Referees: N. Casado – G. Sánchez

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