H. Zlatanov: Best player of Piacenza

Piacenza won the historical title. Hristo Zlatanov was the main star of Piacenza’s triumph. He became the top scorer of the playoffs with 215 points!



Zlatanov made these points in 13 play-off games that makes it an overall 1318 points, sending Alessandro Fei in second place. If we take into account the whole league season: Regular season and playoffs, Zlatanov is still top of the chart. Since 1999-2000, he has scored 4.811 points, a hundred more than Wout Wijmans for example. Zlatanov could make much more points in the season, but problems with calf did not allow him to play several weeks. H. Zlatanov scored 99 points in the final series while M. Kazyiski from Trento brought 91 points to his team.

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Hristo Zlatanov (Copra Nordmeccanica Piacenza): “It’s been a thrilling series. It’s incredible to win the title after 5 games as tight as this. We have been working hard for 9 months and here is the result. It’s an amazing feeling, we have been waiting for a long time for it and now we can enjoy it”.


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