Mr. Nick’s Notes: SmackDown Live 09/24/2019

The last SmackDown Live on Tuesday night showcases the continued confrontation between Daniel Bryan/Erick Rowan and Shane McMahon/Kevin Owens.
This weeks show starts off with a recap of Erick Rowan talking over a recap of his attempted murder attempts on Roman Reigns. Then his brutal attack of Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns with help from Luke Harper.
After the recap Erick Rowan heads down to the ring and grabs a microphone. He calls the recap a work of art.

Daniel Bryan interrupts Rowan and challenges him to a match immediately. Rowan accepts!
Match #1: Singles Match
Daniel Bryan v Erick Rowan
Right off the bell Rowan is destroying Daniel Bryan in and out of the ring.
After the commercial break Rowan is back at it, but then Daniel mounts a comeback. Then this turns into a watch Daniel survive the onslaught from Rowan into the next commercial break.

When we get back from this break Daniel Bryan is barely holding on but still fighting back. This has a PPV end of fued feel.
It was only a matter of time before Luke Harper showed up to get involved. He distracts Daniel just enough to get caught in the ropes and slammed with a claw. Not sure if Daniel caught his leg on purpose or not but it looked brutal. After they free him Daniel gets another Iron Claw in to end this.
Match End: Erick Rowan pins Daniel Bryan.
After the match Roman Reigns runs down to save Daniel Bryan from an extended beating from Luke Harper and Erick Rowan.

Daniel Bryan slaps Romans hand away then grabs a mic and asks if the crowd wants to see him and Roman kick Harper and Rowan’s asses! Big pop from the crowd….so yes? When? That was an amazing segment to start the show.
After the break we get a recap of Brock Lesnar challenging Kofi Kingston next Friday on SmackDown for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. FOX gets one hell of a main event.
After the recap Michael Cole interviews Kofi. He doubles down on him being a fighting champion and how he’s at the top of his game. He’s not ready to let go of the title.
Match #2: Singles Match
Chad Gable v Mike Kanellis
Before the match Gable cut a promo about the lame short jokes and how he should have best Corbin in the final. He’s interpreted by Mike Kanellis who of course makes a short joke. Talks about how he’s going to prove to his wife that size doesn’t matter. Eww.
Match End: Chad Gable forces Kanellis to tap with the ankle lock after two amazing suplexes.
After the match Elias strums his guitar and sings a short joke song about Gable. (are we done with this yet?)
Recap of the 24/7 title win by Carmella while Graves looks smugly at the camera.
Charlotte is backstage asking about Carmella. R-Truth plays dumb, but Carmella shows up and they gossip about Bayley and Sasha before their match.
Match #3: Tag Team Match
Charlotte Flair & 24/7 Champion Carmella w/R-Truth v Sasha Banks & SmackDown Woman’s Champion Bayley
Nice to see Carmella in the ring again and not just running around the arena with R-Truth.
Carmella hits like 6 super kicks in a few minutes all of them way better than a Ziggler kick.
Match End: Sasha Banks forces Carmella to tap out to the Bank Statement.
After the match the women’s locker room runs after Carmella and the 24/7 title. That leaves Charlotte in the ring alone with Sasha and Bayley, until Becky Lynch hits the ring and chases away Sasha who then drags Bayley out of the ring. Finger pointing ensues.
Shane McMahon is shown with 3 lawyers going of their lawsuit that will be addressed later tonight.
Match #4: Singles Match
Ali v Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura w/Sami Zayn
The cape, such a great addition to Nakamura’s entrance. Sami doesn’t have a microphone for this match thank goodness.
Ali takes it to Nakamura early and almost cripples himself doing a dive to the announce table.
If they let Shinsuke Nakamura loose he will be a mega star on FOX. He can be so creative in the ring when he needs to be.
Ali is also very impressive with his innovative high flying. Sadly there’s a guy named Ricochet around to do that job.
Match End: Shinsuke Nakamura hits Ali with the Kinshasa for the pin fall victory after Ali chased Sami into the ring.
Match #5: Tag Team Match
The New Day v The B Team
Well, now that the 24/7 Title is held by Carmella I guess The B Team don’t have to run around the arena chasing R-Truth now. Instead they get a few minutes and moves before being put down by The New Day.
Match End: New Day win.
Mandy Rose is backstage handing out her issue of Maxim. Otis stops her and asks for a selfie and a magazine. He looked so nervous. He’s the best!
Match #6: Tag Team Match
The Kabuki Warriors v Fire & Desire
It’s a crime that Asuka isn’t on tv more.
This was a fun back forth. Nothing too serious.
Match End: Kari Sane hits her amazing elbow drop then pins Mandy Rose.
Shane McMahon heads down to the ring with his lawyers. Still makes Greg Hamilton announce him. Shane allows Kevin Owens to come to the ring with his entrance music. KO shows up from the crowd and gets a mic.
Shane offers to reinstate KO and drop the one hundred thousand dollar fine if he drops the wrongful termination lawsuit. Owens calls him an idiot. Of course he challenges McMahon to a match.
If KO wins he’s reinstated and Shane McMahon is gone forever. If Shane wins KO is fired. This match will be a ladder match!
Becky Lynch is interviewed backstage but it attacked from behind by Sasha Banks. They brawl around a chain link fence (great image for the hell in a cell match) until they’re broken up as SmackDown goes off the air.

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