Professional Volleyball Players Have These Qualities

Professional Volleyball players are some of the most amazing athletes in the world. Their combination of physical and mental abilities far surpass those of average athletes. They must bring this combination of attributes to the court every match and hope that the other side can’t match their skill set. But what are the attributes of professional volleyball players? And can anyone gain them?

They are Very Tall

For those of you who are less or even just above average height, you will not fit into the typical professional volleyball player profile. In professional volleyball, the men’s height generally fall between 1.95 m (6 ft. 4 in) to 2.10 m (6 ft. 11 in) while for women it is between 1.70 m (5 ft. 7 in) to 1.95 m (6 ft. 5 in). So most of professional volleyball players are way above average height.

They Have Great Reflexes

Volleyball is a game where each player has to guard a particular area of the floor, but at the same time has to be totally aware of the entire floor because the other team is constantly switching tactics. This means that each player must be prepared to cover for a teammate. Volleyball teams can operate this way because each player has really good reflexes and can adjust in a split second.

This often goes unappreciated because everyone is adjusting so quickly. An athlete must have naturally quick reflexes and then learn skills to become even quicker. Volleyball players practice reflex drills for hours each week to improve their reflexes.

They are in Great Shape

Volleyball players train for hours each day to improve their athletic ability and fitness. They practice running, jumping, serving, returning, sprawling, balance, dexterity, and work on their cardio and strength. The focus is to always have the necessary physical needs throughout the match. The coach watches players to see if they tire or are not capable, but substituting out a player, particularly at a critical time can upset the entire match. So each player must be physically in top shape for every match.

They are Mentally Sharp

Volleyball is as much a mental game as it is a physical one, so players need to have a sharp mind and be able to think on their feet during each match. Many matches are lost because one team simply outthinks the other. Momentum shifts and fear sets in and before you know it easy points are lost.

Teams need to also be able to put the loss of one game aside and know that losing one game has nothing to do with the potential outcome of the match. Players must be able to focus on the future and always play at their highest level. To do this takes a sharp mind.

Betting on Volleyball

Not many people realize that volleyball is one of the most bet on sports in the world. The market for betting on Volleyball is vibrant in nearly every country where there is a top or competitive team. In terms of placing bets on Volleyball, most people bet based on which teams they think have the players with the greatest qualities mentioned in this article.

The most popular way to bet is online and use a spread wager strategy. This is how a spread wager works: A spread wager is one where someone bets on whether the final score will be within or outside a certain range or spread. This is in contrast to making a simple win or lose bet or one on an exact score. Spread wagering allows for betters to not hit the exact final scores but still win.



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