President Trump Visits Atherton Tuesday, Baby Trump Also Expected

ATHERTON, CA – When President Trump visits Atherton on Tuesday, he will have a very large, childish visitor waiting for him. One with a whole lot of hot air.

Vigil for Democracy, an activist organization, says that it plans to have the “Chicken Trump” protest balloon on hand to greet the president to demonstrate against his visit.

Trump will spend parts of Tuesday and Wednesday in California attending fundraisers.

His trip to Atherton will mark his first visit to the Bay Area since being elected. Many of the details of the visit are being kept secret. Tickets to the Atherton event range from $1,000 to $5,600.

In addition to “Chicken Trump,” another activist organization — the Backbone Campaign — says that it is also working to have one of the so-called ‘Baby Trump’ balloons there as well.

This will only be Trump’s third visit to California since becoming president. Of those, only one — a tour of the devastation caused last year by the Camp Fire — was not for fundraisers.

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