WWE Could Change Kurt Angle’s Opponent, WWE’s Memorable Botches

Kurt Angle announced last week that he will be retiring from the ring this year and that his last match will be taking place at WrestleMania 35. Fans immediately took the time to speculate on who Angle would wrestle in his last ever match. Some assumed that it could be a legend from the past, a future star on NXT, or maybe even someone that Angle has history with like John Cena. When Kurt Angle announced that his final opponent will be Baron Corbin, fans were less than enthusiastic to hear the news. The Olympic gold medalist does have history with Corbin from his General Manager days, but fans made it clear on social media yesterday that the WWE Hall of Famer deserves a better opponent for his last match ever.
When Kurt Angle said that he will face Baron Corbin, the crowd in Chicago for last night’s Raw booed the announcement. Fans on social media also reacted negatively to the match, which has caused Bryan Alvarez to speculate that WWE may end up changing the match due to the backlash. On Wrestling Observer Live, Alvarez made it clear that this match has always been the plan, but he does still think that there is a chance that Angle’s opponent wil, be changed. Meanwhile, Justin LaBar says that Corbin will not be Angle’s final opponent after all and that he will be removed from the position and replaced with a different man after all. Be sure to stay tuned for any additional updates on the match between Baron Corbin and Kurt Angle.

Baron Corbin vs Kurt Angle isn’t going to be Angle’s Mania retirement match. Saying Corbin vs Angle is to get people to appreciate the actual match they will get. They will remove Corbin just like they did him as GM. #RAW
— Justin LaBar (@JustinLaBar) March 19, 2019

The match isn’t going to happen. They will remove Corbin on the basis of fans are displeased and do just what they did when they removed Corbin from the GM role. They will reward everyone with the big match. https://t.co/7FXP157HmW
— Justin LaBar (@JustinLaBar) March 19, 2019

Let’s face it, pro wrestling may be entertainment, but that does not mean that every stunt goes according to plan. There are countless examples of moves or promos being botched in this industry, but interestingly enough, WWE has decided to highlight some of the more entertaining mistakes throughout their history. WWE just uploaded a 10-minute long compilation video showing some of the very best botches that have taken place. Moments like Brock Lesnar botching the Shooting Star Press at WrestleMania XIX and The Miz forgetting his lines during his early WWE run. These moments are certainly intriguing to watch, but they are far from pretty. The full video has been posted down below for all to view.

Take a look back at #WWE‘s wildest bloopers! https://t.co/23jGagdiBv
— WWE (@WWE) March 19, 2019

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