Killer Kross On Possibly Facing Taya in An Inter-Gender Match

For the last few months, Killer Kross has been a part of IMPACT Wrestling’s main event picture due to his feud with IMPACT World Champion Johnny Impact. And if you’re feuding with Johnny Impact, then that also means you are feuding with his wife Taya Valkyrie as she & Kross have had more than one altercation.
That brings up the notion of IMPACT having an inter-gender match involving Kross & Valkyrie, as seen below:
“I laugh at this subject maniacally and hysterically,” stated Kross. “We are living in a common era right now where hypocrisy, double standards, and social non-issues seem to really rule the issues people choose to discuss. And they choose to discuss these things from a very absurd emotional state rather than a critical thinking point. The fact of the matter is professional wrestling is a performance art and in the year 2019, no one is going to be convincing anyone that this is “real” in comparison to Mixed Martial Arts and any other contact sport.
“A lot of people in our industry get offended when you discuss it like this because we get hurt all the time and the life of it is very real. I wouldn’t go as far as to use the word “fake” because the word “fake” is really a very broad stroke that takes a piss on everything that we are doing. It’s a show! It’s a show! We have a lot of characters! We have writers! People know these things!”
Kross seems to be laying the foundation that a man vs. a woman in a wrestling ring shouldn’t provoke outrage because everything is scripted. He also says that an Inter-Gender Match should be seen as an empowering moment for women and compares a woman’s role in that kind of match to Linda Hamilton in The Terminator Franchise, as seen below:
“When you go watch The Terminator – this is one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time. Maybe not a movie for everybody, but for the most part, it is iconic. The script, the delivery, the execution of this film spawned a lot of different underdog stories for women. You can look at Terminator as a masochistic, horrible, pro masculine leaving the woman as the underdog. Or, you could look at it as Linda Hamilton had an excellent opportunity to showcase that a woman could carry a movie. She did that in Terminator 2 as well. There is a giant robot bodybuilder trying to kill a woman for two hours. Everyone went and watched it and enjoyed it. It’s a performance art! It is not exactly “real”, okay?”
Just as acting is an art, so is wrestling and Kross says that it would be a disservice to women to not get the same opportunities as many in the ring, as seen below:
“The way I observe this is men and women belong in the ring together. It is not a problem. It is not something that there has to be a broad, mass abundance of. But, I think it is time for people to relax. And, quite honestly, it is more or less a back-handed compliment to tell a woman that they can’t be in the ring with a man. If we want to preach equality and we want everyone to have an equal opportunity, allow a woman to have an equal opportunity to be in the ring with a man. It is a performance art! We’re not actually going to try and kill each other! This is a TV show. People need to calm down!
“[Laughs] I appreciate the emotional investment that people have in our program and in wrestling – I really do. I’m not trying to take anything away from that. But, enjoy the show. It is meant to elicit an emotional response. Allow us to take you on a ride.”
IMPACT did announce last week that Tessa Blanchard will be facing Eli Drake in an inter-gender match at United We Stand inside The Rahway Rec Center in Rahway, New Jersey on April 4th. Drake took to Twitter to announce that he would not participate in the match.

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