Natalya Possibly Teasing Feud with Lacey Evans

It appears all of those fans clamoring for Lacey Evans to actually get in the ring and not just turn and walk back up the ramp may be closer to getting their wish with a series of tweets issued Monday between her and Natalya after RAW from Philadelphia. 
Evans made her entrance ramp walk and turn right after Natalya finished her victory over Ruby Riott this week. Natalya and Evans then traded some barbs on Twitter afterward. It’s important to note that the two have worked dark matches together so this seems like it may be legitimately teasing Evans’ first feud. Here is their interaction from Twitter: 

So nice to see you, Lacey. We were all waiting for you ….. ??
— Nattie (@NatbyNature) March 5, 2019

I should have.
— Nattie (@NatbyNature) March 5, 2019

So nice for such an experienced woman to learn their place and step aside?? #NastyThing
— Lady of WWE (@LaceyEvansWWE) March 5, 2019

Take off your hideous hat and cheap heels AND get your ass in the ring AND let’s wrestle. Thanks, Lace??
— Nattie (@NatbyNature) March 5, 2019

1) This hat cost more than that hideous pleather wrap you call gear.
2) I’d hate to break an unnecessary sweat on someone who isnt even a champion.
Thanks for the offer though?? #YaNasty
— Lady of WWE (@LaceyEvansWWE) March 5, 2019

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