Hulk Hogan seeks sympathy on BBC Radio


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A few months removed from being scrubbed from WWE, Hulk Hogan is back on the media circuit attempting to grab sympathy.

In an interview with BBC Radio, Hogan followed the formula of acknowledging that his racist remarks caught on tape eight years ago “never should have been said” and it was the “stupidest thing I’ve ever done.”

Then, Hogan said he feels like the out-cry against him passed a threshold to where he feels like it was over-done.

“Everyone knee-jerk reacted and kind of went crazy. Then they went, ‘Wait a minute, we know who this guy is,’ and they thought about it and realized what the situation was,” Hogan said.

“They went, ‘Wait a minute, he said this where? And it was in private? And it was eight years ago? I haven’t changed the way I feel about Hulk Hogan, he’s just made a huge mistake and he’s very upset about it.’

“A lot of the media and critics beat so hard on me they actually got me sympathy, people feel bad that the media has been so abusive.”

Hogan, who travels to the U.K. for a one-night appearance in Sheffield on November 14, finished with a nod to his fans for their support.

“The fans know me, they’re loyal. No matter what I have been through, the good the bad, they’ve been there for 30 years,” Hogan said.

[ LINK: Full Interview with BBC Radio ]

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