11/13 WWE Stock Track – WWE hits four-month lows


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WWE’s stock price tumbled the Week of November 9-13, finishing the week below $17 for the first time since July. This was mainly due to a poor Thursday performance when the stock fell four percent on one day.

Thursday led to a slow Friday start – WWE’s stock price dipped to the lowest point since July 29 on Friday morning.


– Monday, Nov. 9: Closing Price of $17.10 per share, down 2.5 percent from last Friday’s close.

– Tuesday, Nov. 10: Closing Price of $17.00 per share, down slightly from Monday’s close.

The stock fell to $16.60 during the day, but WWE rallied to an even $17 by close.

– Wednesday, Nov. 11: Closing Price of $17.05 per share, up slightly from Tuesday’s close.

The stock fell to $16.70, but WWE once again rallied back to the $17 mark by close.

– Thursday, Nov. 12: Closing Price of $16.38 per share, down 3.9 percent from Wednesday’s close.

The stock fell as low as $16.30 and never topped $17, starting at $16.98 per share after a pre-market sell-off.

– Friday, Nov. 12: Closing Price of $16.38 per share, even with Thursday’s close. There was no rebound following Thursday’s sell-off.

It looked like the stock was set for another bad day, as WWE fell to a four-month low of $16.13 on Friday morning, but WWE’s Network announcement for Germany sent the stock back to the day’s high-point of $17.00.

However, the stock fell off again the rest of the day, ending up closer to $16 than $17 per share.

WWE is now valued at $1.24 billion.

Updated 2015 Scoresheet

2015 High – $23.63 (Aug. 6)
2015 Low – $9.82 (Jan. 20 – 52-week low)
52-Week Range – $9.82-23.63
Current Market Value – $1.24 billion (down from $1.33 billion last week)

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