Lucha Underground Results (09/12): Lucha Underground Trios Title

On last week’s episode, Joey Wrestling took on “The Monster” Matanza Cueto in a Sacrifice To The Gods Match, Killshot faced Big Bad Steve and Pentagon Dark defended his Lucha Underground Title against Hernandez.
On this week’s episode, El Dragon Azteca Jr. defended his Gift Of The Gods Title against Ivelisse, King Cuerno faced Mil Muertes to determine who will become the #1 Contender To The Lucha Underground Title and The Reptile Tribe (Daga, Jeremiah Snake & Kobra Moon) defended their Lucha Underground Trios Title against Aerostar, Fenix & Drago in the main event. Let’s get right into the action on this week’s episode.
Opening Segment:

We start inside the temple where Vampiro and Matt Striker reveal that The Lucha Super Friends (Aerostar, Drago & Fenix) have been reunited and that they will have a shot at The Trios Championship later in the broadcast. But first, we have another title match as the opening matchup.
Opening Contest:
El Dragon Azteca Jr. (c) vs. Ivelisse (Gift Of The Gods Title Match): Ivelisse kicks Azteca in the gut to start the match. Ivelisse then counters a wheelbarrow facebuster into an arm drag, following it up with a high-kick and then a second rope headscissors to Azteca. Azteca gets back some momentum when he hits a spinning heel kick, but Ivelisse kicks out at two when the champion goes for the pin. Azteca then slams Ivelisse’s head to the corner. Ivelisse lands a couple of punches to Azteca in the stomach, but the champion keeps the offense up. Azteca tries to go for a Boston Crab, but Ivelisse blocks it by grabbing Azteca’s leg. Azteca then eventually gets the Boston Crab, but quickly changes it to a chin-lock. Ivelisse gets out of trouble and then hits a sling-blade. Ivelisse kicks Azteca in the apron and then hits a springboard DDT to Azteca for a two-count. Ivelisse gets an Octopus hold, Azteca gets out, creates some distance and then springboard arm drags Ivelisse to the outside of the ring. Azteca jumps from the top rope to the outside, misses Ivelisse and then Azteca lands on the railing. Ivelisse gets Azteca back in and then hits a Canadian Destroyer, but Azteca kicks out at two. Ivelisse spin kicks Azteca but Azteca kicks out at two when Ivelisse goes for the pin. Ivelisse tries to go for a rear naked choke, but Azteca gets out of the way. Azteca goes to the top rope and Ivelisse slaps him. Ivelisse is pushed down by Azteca but gets up and drops Ivelisse to the ropes. Ivelisse goes for a superplex, but Azteca headbutts Ivelisse to the ring. Azteca hits a top rope leg drop and gets the pin. Azteca retains the title. Winner & Still The Gift Of The Gods Champion: El Dragon Azteca Jr.
After the match, XO Lishus and Joey Ryan tell Ivelisse that she had a good match, but propose to form a trios team to challenge the winner of The Trios Championship Match happening later in the broadcast.

King Cuerno vs. TBA: Before the match starts, Antonio Cueto comes out and commends Cuerno for wanting to fight for The Lucha Underground Title, but then someone else has been more dominant as of late. He then makes King Cuerno vs. Mil Muertes a No. 1 Contenders Match and the winner faces Pentagon Dark for the title next week.
Second Match:
King Cuerno vs. Mil Muertes (No. 1 Contenders Match For The Lucha Underground Title): Cuerno strikes Muertes, but Muertes sends his opponent to the corner. Muertes hits 10 consecutive corner clotheslines and then hits a big punch to take down Cuerno. Cuerno hits a single leg dropkick, but Muertes then powerslams Cuerno. Cuerno lands a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Cuerno hits a jumping double knee to Muertes who is up against one of the corners. Cuerno goes to the top rope, Muertes follows suit and then Muertes hits a superplex. Cuerno kicks Muertes in the chest, but Muertes then chokeslams Cuerno. Muertes goes to the second rope but when Muertes leaps to Cuerno, Cuerno hits a high knee strike. Cuerno runs the rope and then hits a sling-blade. Both men are on their knees trading punches until they crash down to outside the ring. The two wrestlers continue exchanging strikes until Muertes hits a big uppercut to Cuerno. Cuerno gets back up and then the two continue punching each other. The referee tells both wrestlers to get back to the ring and they throw him to the crowd. The referee then calls for the bell, but neither man is stopping their fight. Winner: No Contest (Double Disqualification)

Cueto appears once again and says that he won’t punish violence. As such, the two wrestlers will wrestle Pentagon Dark for The Lucha Underground Title in a Three-Way Match next week.
Main Event:
The Reptile Tribe (Daga, Jeremiah Snake & Kobra Moon) (c) vs. The Lucha Super Friends (Aerostar, Fenix & Drago) (Lucha Underground Trios Title Match): Before the match starts, Jake Strong appears in the temple unannounced. He says if Aerostar, Fenix and Drago win the titles, then Strong will single-handedly challenge all three of them at the same time. The match starts with Snake taking out all three members of the opposing team. Snake brings Drago to the corner and Daga tags in. Daga lands a big boot to Drago and Drago kicks out at two. Daga lands a couple of big punches and then forearms Drago until Snake tags in again. Snake knife edge chops Drago and Daga tags in once more. Daga punches Drago in the corner and the system of Snake and Daga alternating tags after one move continues. Snake punches Drago in the kidney while Daga held the challenger. Drago ducks under a punch thrown by Daga and inadvertently hits Snake. Drago gets momentum and then hits a pair of tornado DDTs to Snake and Daga. Snake pokes Drago’s eyes, but Fenix tags in and then hits a cutter on Snake. Fenix hits a back elbow to Daga, followed by several high kicks and knees to both Daga and Snake. Kobra Moon comes in and dodges a superkick by Fenix and she leaves the ring. Fenix hard tags Aerostar. Aerostar hits a spinning crossbody to Snake. Aerostar hits a rolling cutter to Daga, but Snake returns and clotheslines Aerostar.
Snake lands a delayed vertical suplex on Aerostar. Daga tags in and sends Aerostar to the apron. Aerostar lands a springboard codebreaker to Daga and then dropkicks him. Both Daga and Drago tag in. Drago hits a neckbreaker on Daga, but Drago is superkicked by Snake. Drago counters a powerbomb and then jumps to the outside and lands on both Daga and Snake. Fenix comes in and assists Drago in throwing him to the Reptile Tribe. Fenix then superkicks Aerostar as he was running the ropes. Fenix then starts attacking Aerostar and hits a muscle buster piledriver. Snake returns and then hits Aerostar with a double underhook shoulder breaker and gets the pin to retain the title. Winners & Still The Lucha Underground Trios Champion: The Reptile Tribe (Daga, Jeremiah Snake & Kobra Moon)
After the match, Melissa Santos pleads with Fenix to explain what is with his new attitude and Fenix throws her to the ground. El Dragon Azteca Jr. comes in to check up on Santos.
After the credits, Cueto opens a closet only to hear Marty The Moth Martinez bang on his office door. Marty drops a stack of cash and says that he wants a shot at The Gift Of The Gods Title next week and Cueto accepts. Lucha Underground goes off the air.

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