Invicta 15 results: Cris Cyborg Justino vs. Daria Ibragimova

Submitted by Crimson Mask


Megan Anderson vs. Amber Leibrock

Good opening scrap between 6-foot FWs. Leibrock had KOed Ronda’s roommate Marina Shafir, and was clearly the bigger puncher, but the Australian Anderson wore her down with clinch work and then took her apart with strikes, having her in big trouble in the 2nd and finishing her early in the 3rd. 

Amanda Bell vs. Ediane Gomes was scrapped.

Mizuki Inoue vs. Lacey Schuckman

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Another good performance from the 20 year old Inoue, dominating some high tech grappling exchanges and finishing in the 3rd with an arm bar after several attempts.

Angela Hill vs. Alida Gray

Recent UFC cut Hill blows away late sub Gray, staggering her with a counter right and not letting her off the hook.

Amber Brown vs. Shino VanHoose

Brown makes short work of the badly outsized late sub VanHoose, muscling an out of position Guillotine for the tap. Unfortunately for the apparently skilled but tiny VanHoose there’s no lower division than atomW.

Raquel Pa’aluhi vs. Colleen Schneider

In the most competitive fight of the night, which took place after a long delay with both fighters already in the ring waiting for the ambulance to return to the arena, Schneider takes a 29-28 SD over a battered Pa’aluhi that didn’t look that close. Pa’aluhi got the best of the grappling but couldn’t do much with it, while Schneider did damage with nearly every strike landed.

Livia Renata Souza defends SW title vs. DeAnna Bennett 5R

Chickens finally come home to roost for the strangely overpushed and overprotected Bennett, as the much smaller Souza finishes her quickly with a liver kick and retains.

Cris Cyborg Justino defends FW title vs. Daria Ibragimova 5R

Late sub Ibragimova at least comes in loose and with a plan, and has success penetrating to single leg pickups, but she can’t get Cris off her feet and takes a battering in the process, till Cris lands a clean right hand from long range late in the round for the KD and puts her out with followup hammerfists. I’m not sure how much you can blame Cris for her quality of opposition, with not too many girls that anxious to sign to fight her, and apparently not all of them willing to show up.

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