Lucha Underground results: Last Luchador Standing; Joey Ryan debuts

Last week, PJ Black and Rey Mysterio made their debuts. Rey debuted in a vignette with El Dragon Azteca Jr, while PJ Black lost against The Mack. The show opens with a recap of season two so far. We see King Cuerno winning the Gift of the Gods Title from Fenix, and Ivelisse’s match against Muertes is recapped with only the finish. Pentagon Jr. snaps the arm of Mil to close out the video, and we go to the Temple. Vampiro rattles off how great Pentagon Jr. is while turning red. Bengala comes out while Striker talks about focusing on the feet of the man beneath the mask showing that he’s a veteran. He faces Kobra Moon, who debuted last week in a vignette. She comes out in a fancy headdress while Vamp talks about the significance of the serpent in Spanish culture. Kobra slithers around the ring while the crowd chants “mamacita”.

Bengala vs. Kobra Moon

Kobra sends him to the floor and dives onto him. She rests on the ropes seductively before axe kicking Bengala as he enters the ring. He retaliates with a boot out of the corner and a flying standing headbutt. He gets 2. Kobra wraps her legs around his leg to avoid a suplex, but gets flipped over and eats a sick basement superkick for 2. Bengala dives onto her knees, but is locked in a dragon sleeper and she wins after applying a bodyscissors alongside it. Backstage, Catrina says she gets a tingle of excitement when Fenix comes in. He wants King Cuerno and she tells him that 1,000 deaths are coming.

A vignette tells us that a millennia ago, the man from the stars returned. We see a tribal leader say that the Gods will be at war, and Aerostar blasts off saying that he must return and unite the tribes. So basically, Aerostar is now a time-traveling spaceman and is the one sent by the Gods of the tribes mentioned throughout the show to unite them once again. Cuerno works out with this title belt in the background. Catrina comes in and says that he won the title, but didn’t destroy the man. Catrina tells him that he may be a hunter, but the best hunter will fall to Mil Muertes. She wants him to kill Fenix in his specialty – Last Luchador Standing, and he won’t even have to put the title on the line. He tells her the hunt is on and she disappears. Jack Evans flips around in the ring before Drago comes down to a huge round of applause.

Drago vs. Jack Evans

Striker says that this match is what the sport is all about in 2016. Well, that sure is a bold statement that could have used some elaboration. They tie-up a bit in the ropes before Evans goes for a basement dropkick, misses, and then misses a standing corkscrew splash. Evans eats a basement dropkick and goes to the floor. Evans ducks a lariat and hits a forearm before a punch exchange breaks out. Drago armdrags Evans down and goes for a submission, but Evans bites the thumb to escape. Evans lands a flipping kick and gets 2. Evans sends him into the corner for a double backflip eye gouge. Evans hops up to the top rope and talks smack, but eats a superkick that gets 2.

Drago traps him in the corner for a huge chop. Evans flips some more and gets a double eye gouge before tossing him to the mat. Evans punches away, but eats a backdrop once Drago recovers. Big armdrag sends Evans to the floor. Drago goes up top and lands a flying crossbody. Drago lifts him up to the top strand of rope and spikes him with a draping DDT for 2. Evans lands some kicks to the leg and body while Muertes stares from his throne. Drago sends him to the mat for a La Magistrol cradle for 2. Drago lands the blackbuster DDT and goes for his cradle, but Evans backslides him out of that and flips out of it before also using the ropes. Evans tells Melissa Santos to shut up and does his own ring announcing and declaring himself to be the Dragon Slayer.

Texano is shown on his ranch and we get a recap of him both in LU and AAA. We see Chavo, Blue Demon, and the Crew attack him and then Texano beats up some goons in a bar. He beats them up with his hands, feet, and bullwhip before we see that he will return next week. Prince Puma stares in the mirror while Catrina walks in and asks who he prays to. She heard Konnan praying as his life was drained in the casket, and she tells him his last words were “forgive me” and she wondered if he was asking God to forgive his sins, or Puma for failing him. Catrina makes Puma vs. Pentagon Jr. next week. Melissa Santos introduces the Last Luchador Standing match – our main event.

Fenix vs. King Cuerno – Last Luchador Standing

Striker says that Fenix is young and a match like this isn’t the best idea for him at this stage in his career. Striker says he has no idea why the title isn’t on the line, but then says that it’s in Catrina’s best interest to not have Fenix as the GotG champion since he took the fight to Muertes more than anyone else. A forearm exchange starts things off before Fenix lands a Tajiri-esque handspring elbow. Cuerno gets crotched and then Fenix hits a double-jump rana off the second rope. Cuerno gets up at 5 and hits a big boot alongside a flying European uppercut. A flying single-leg dropkick hits Fenix flush and the ref’s count gets to 4. Fenix hits a giant backdrop and sends Cuerno to the floor, but he evades a flip dive and a count begins and ends at 4.

Fenix punts his face off and throws him into the post, resulting in a goofy bonk sound effect. They fight into the crowd and Fenix is tossed three rows deep for a 6 count. Cuerno tosses Fenix into the gated wall, and he gets up at 7. Fenix stands tall, but is sent down with a hard lariat on the floor. Fenix rises and eats another kick. Fenix rises with the aid of the ring skirt and gets tossed back into the ring. Fenix lands a big dropkick and sends Cuerno to the floor. Fenix lands a triangle corkscrew dive to the floor while the crowd chants “lucha!” loudly. Cuerno gets up from that only to fall once again to a top-rope leaping corkscrew dive to the floor. Cuerno gets up at 9 and eats a forearm shiver. 

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Fenix hits Wasteland and slowly climbs to the top. Cuerno kicks him up top and sends him to the floor before hitting a corner to corner Arrow of Death dive. Cuerno grabs a gigantic ladder from behind Vamp and Striker and hits Fenix right in the face with it. Cuerno climbs the ladder as it stands against the wall and tells the ref to stop counting. Cuerno gets a table from beneath the ring and attacks the kidney area. Fenix avoids a pair of Germans with a pair of superkicks and sets him on the table. Fenix and Cuerno climb to the top of the office area, but Cuerno is on the ladder and Fenix shoves him off through the table. This gets a “holy shit” chant from both the fans and the announcers. Fenix gets the win with this crazy stunt.

Muertes stands on his platform looking pissed and we go to an office building. A female officer named Captain Vasquez is told that The Crew and Chavo are together, while Blue Demon Jr. has retired. No one has seen Dario Cueto, and the officer wanted to see Cueto brought to justice when Bael was murdered by Matanza. Joey Ryan debuts with his lollipop and they’re told to go into the Temple undercover and bring down Dario Cueto. Well, that was sure an unexpected twist in the story. Given that Joey Ryan already looks like a sleazy male stripper, him playing a cop seems like a natural move.

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