John Cena Talks About Breakup With Nikki Bella: “Oh It Sucks”

The folks from Entertainment Tonight recently interviewed WWE Superstar John Cena about his recent breakup with Nikki Bella and his upcoming Transformers spin-off film, Bumblebee. Below are the highlights from the interview:
On how he is feeling after breaking up with Nikki Bella: “Oh, it sucks. No, there’s no other way to say that. I love Nicole with all my heart and that’s that.”
On whether or not he considers it a big deal to be associated with the Transformers franchise: “It is and I say that the most humble way I can. To be asked and honored to be involved in Transformers, it truly is a major thing. I’m very happy to be a part of this, especially dissecting the move back to its roots. Bumblebee is such a popular Transformer and now we’re going to go on a journey with Bumblebee to answer a lot of questions about Bumblebee and I’m just happy to be along for the ride.”

You can check out the entire interview of John Cena in the video below:

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