Latest on Cena/Undertaker, Injured Singh, Miz Getting a Push?

One of the matches that is almost considered a lock for WrestleMania is John Cena vs. The Undertaker. It was rather surprising to see that WWE did nothing to set up the match during Raw’s 25th anniversary show. However, Dave Meltzer has confirmed on Wrestling Observer Radio that the match is still being planned for WrestleMania. Meltzer claimed that Undertaker’s vague promo during the show was done to trick fans into believing that “The Deadman” truly has retired. Also, the company reportedly felt that the show provided the only opportunity to build a feud between John Cena and Elias. Cena will be taking on “The Drifter” before he faces The Undertaker this April.
Ever since Jinder Mahal’s status within WWE began to rise, “the Maharaja” has always had the Singh Brothers by his side to help him win his matches. Unfortunately, it was recently reported that Samir Singh may have suffered an injury that could keep him out for a while. Singh revealed on Instagram that he is indeed undergoing surgery for a torn ACL. There is currently no timetable for a possible return as of yet, but Raw Superstar Big Cass has been out of action with the same injury since August. If Samir’s injury is as severe as Cass’, then he could be missing around nine months of television. Samir thanked the fans and is hopeful that he will be able to return soon.


Last week I tore my ACL and it goes without saying that this past week has been very emotional. The more I think about it, the less it makes sense. All I know is that God is the sovereign of my life and that everything that comes to pass is his blessing. I thank you all for the continued love and support. I can’t wait to be back.
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The Miz has been absolutely on fire in WWE as of late. He has been praised for his work as Intercontinental Champion over the past few months, and he even won the title for the 8th time in his career on Raw this past Monday night. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, fans can expect to see The Miz get an even bigger push leading into WrestleMania. With his new reality show and baby daughter on the way, it is being reported that The Miz is also scheduled for a top match at this year’s event. No word on who his opponent will be at the moment, but expect to see The Miz featured even more prominently on Raw going forward.

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