Original Plans for Katie Vick, Konnan Gone From Lucha Company

Longtime wrestling fans may remember the infamous ‘Katie Vick’ storyline presented by WWE in 2002 (but most fans probably wish that they could forget about it.) The storyline has become known for being one of the worst ones ever produced in the company’s history. It saw Triple H accuse Kane of murdering his girlfriend named Katie Vick. Kane swore that she was killed in a car accident they were both involved in after they drank too much at a party. The next week, Triple H (while pretending to be Kane) performed a skit which saw him pretend to have sex with Katie’s dead body. The angle received a heavy amount of backlash from fans, and the storyline was scrapped a few weeks later.
What was the thought process behind the scenes when officials came up with this infamous concept? On the 74th episode of the Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard podcast, Prichard revealed that the storyline was intended to introduce Scott Vick, a developmental wrestler at the time. Vick continuously performed in poor matches in the weeks leading up to his main roster debut, which led to Vince McMahon cancelling the original idea, but continuing the ‘Katie Vick’ angle since the name was already mentioned on television. “The original idea behind Katie Vick was a way to introduce Scott Vick, who was a part of our developmental system. We were going to bring Scott in, and he was going to work with Kane or Triple H, I forget which at this point. Scott just had some really, really horrible dark matches at TV and on the road. When he got the nod to come up to the show, all of his matches from that point going forward just, the bottom fell out. Vince is like ‘What the hell are we doing?” Prichard said.
Konnan has had a successful year in pro wrestling thanks to the success of his Keeping it 100 podcast, as well as due to his work in Impact Wrestling and several other promotions in Mexico. He will not continue working for the Crash Lucha Libre promotion in Mexico though since the company announced that he is now gone from the company. PWInsider says that Konnan was let go this past Thursday. This departure could possibly be due to the fact that Konnan was recently named as the head writer for the new Aro Lucha promotion, but that is still just speculation at this point. Konnan had been working as the head of creative and a booker for Crash Lucha before he was let go.

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