Hulk Hogan Involved In Trademark Dispute?

The character of Thunderlips, played by Hulk Hogan in the movie Rocky III has become the center piece of an interesting trademark lawsuit and Hogan himself may be actively involved.
A trademark was applied for back in March for Thunderlips by a company called Big Blondes LLC. The company seems to be listed as some sort of wrestling related company. The United States Patent and Trademark Office initially refused the application because the company didn’t actually say what they wanted to trademark the name for in the application, or if it was related to their identified service (wrestling and related acting and personal appearances). Even with all that, it seems that the application has gone forward to the next step.
However, the MGM film studio is opposing this trademark, since they own the rights to all the Rocky films as well as all the names and related characters. Not only are they opposing things based on those grounds, but also in their letter of opposition claim that Hulk Hogan himself is the principal person, or at least the one controlling Big Blondes LLC. MGM is also charging the company with fraud stating that Big Blondes LLC and Hulk Hogan knew that MGM owned the rights to the name but filed the application anyway.

Thunderlips, The Ultimate Male, was a character that Hulk Hogan portrayed in the 1982 movie Rocky III. In it, Thunderlips is a world champion wrestler that Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky faces in a charity Boxer vs. Wrestler match that goes haywire before Rocky scores the win and Thunderlips congratulate him on a good match. The role, however minor it is in the movie, was a huge step for Hogan’s career and really launched him into being the big star he became.


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