Updated News on Why The Undertaker Was Backstage at SummerSlam

It was previously reported that The Undertaker was seen backstage at SummerSlam and he even was in the ring perhaps getting ready for an in ring return. It was also reported that the reason The Undertaker was there was not because of an in ring return, but because of The WWE 2K18 Video Game. This was said by Jerry Lawler in an interview he had. 
New reports indicate that despite what Jerry Lawler recently claimed in an interview, The Undertaker being backstage at SummerSlam had nothing to do with the WWE 2K18 video game. It was said that Lawler was simply asked the question and he didn’t really know why The Undertaker was backstage, so he took a guess. It is being said that The Undertaker was probably backstage just there to hang out and watch the event, as it is the company’s second biggest event of the year.
Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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