Money In The Bank Rematches Announced For Next Week

On this week’s edition of Smackdown live it was announced that both the Smackdown Women’s championship match and the women’s money in the bank ladder match will have rematches next week on Smackdown Live.
While Naomi scored a pinfall over Lana at the Money in the Bank show, Lana complained that she only lost because of the distraction from Carmella, who entered ringside teasing cashing in the briefcase, but then didn’t. Smackdown GM Daniel Bryan agreed with Lana and made the match for next week.
The main focus of the show was the Women’s Money In The Bank match and after teasing it many times during the two hours, Bryan ruled that while there was no specific rule against what happened at the end of the match during the event, he did not like that the match ended the way it did and ruled that Carmella would be the first person to have the Money In The Bank briefcase taken away from them and that they would hold another ladder match next week.

The WWE often holds rematches of PPV matches right after the event on free TV, but with the importance of the Money in the Bank match, some wonder if this is the best move for the WWE. While neither match was the main event of MITB, they both were very hyped matches on a show that didn’t have many matches to begin with. 


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