Samoa Joe’s Current Run Could Define His Career With WWE

We all know Samoa Joe wasn’t Plan A for the WWE in finding a contender for Brock Lesnar. But as Plan B, The Destroyer is making a career-defining push.
It’s been well publicized that Braun Strowman was the WWE’s handpicked bad ass tapped to challenge the Beast Incarnate this summer for the WWE Universal Championship. Then the best laid plans were destroyed by Strowman’s injury during his feud with Roman Reigns.
However, the WWE has rebounded by booking Joe in a way to emphasize his intimidating presence and utilizing his talents as a top-tier mic man.

Joe and Bray Wyatt were a destructive team during the Extreme Rules Fatal 5-Way Match before they inevitably turned on each other. When Joe made Balor pass out to win, he did so in menacing fashion. 
The promo on Raw with Paul Heyman took his ascendancy to a whole new level. As he dropped the mic and whispered to Heyman how he would choke him out as a message for Lesnar, Joe took his sadistic persona to a scary place it had never went in previous WWE appearances. The images of Heyman unconscious with Joe’s arms wrapped around his neck as the camera faded out to commercial were powerful. This also sells the story of the Beast Incarnate’s rage-filled return to Raw next week and in the rivalry ahead of the Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view showdown in Dallas on July 9.
Fans have craved this matchup for years. The WWE is finally giving it to them in a way which may satisfy the fans’ expectations and elevate Joe as an all-time heel in the process.
Joe might not have been the bad guy the WWE wanted as its top choice to face Lesnar, but he’s been everything they’ve needed while Strowman recovers for SummerSlam.

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