Cruiserweight Wrestler Receives Slight Name Change

Some of you may have noticed on Raw that TJ Perkins was not referred to by that name on the entire show. Since then, some of WWE’s content involving the cruiserweight has addressed him as TJP. This was done for a reason, however, as it appears that this will be the wrestler’s new name going forward. It looks as though WWE has indeed shortened Perkins’ name to simply the initials TJP. The belief is that this decision was made by WWE management recently.
TJ Perkins has been in the wrestling industry for decades now, and was made the first Cruiserweight Champion since the division was brought back last summer. Perkins’ full name was never once said by the announcers on Raw this past Monday, and his profile on lists him only by his three initials. The former Suicide in TNA has been featured on WWE television much more recently after aligning himself with Neville, and for one reason or another, somebody in management decided that TJ Perkins was just not the name of a superstar.
WWE of course is no stranger to shortening the names of wrestlers, even if they are years and years into their runs. Antonio Cesaro is now Cesaro, Alexander Rusev is now Rusev, Akira Tozawa was almost just Tozawa. Heck, the Cruiserweight Champion Neville was once Adrian Neville. I still have a bad feeling that Shinsuke Nakamura won’t be safe from WWE’s name shortening for much longer. Regardless, the cruiserweight’s real name is gone, and TJP is here to stay. Let’s hope they get rid of the dabbing next.

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