WWE Reportedly Working Out a Deal for “Broken” Hardys Characters

Since the Hardy Boyz returned to WWE at Wrestlemania, a surprising number of fans have instead been clamoring for the debut of Matt Hardy’s “Broken” characters, rather than his “Team Xtreme” persona. Fans have been chanting “delete” and “Brother Nero” every since they’ve returned. Matt Hardy has been in character on-and-off again on social media, and has only made some slight references to the character since returning. Now it looks like WWE will hopefully be giving the people what they want. Dave Meltzer has reported over on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE is speaking to Impact Wrestling, trying to work out a deal to use the “Broken” characters on their television shows.
When the Hardys left Impact Wrestling earlier this year, there was a dispute between the brothers and the promotion. TNA claimed that since the gimmick was developed in their company, that they had full ownership of the characters and that neither Hardy brother was allowed to use them for any other promotion. They even sent a cease and desist letter to Ring of Honor during the 15th Anniversary Show, which scared ROH enough to drop the characters for that night. 
Matt Hardy built himself a cult following and completely rejuvenated his career with the invention of his “Broken Brilliance,” and as such, became a popular act and merchandise seller. It makes since that WWE would want to utilize that for themselves while the act is still hot. Matt himself once claimed that the ovation he received at Wrestlemania cured his “condishition,” but it may not be time to say goodbye to the character after all. The deal with Impact Wrestling has not been finalized as of yet.

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