Goldberg Battles Kevin Owens

The countdown is on to WWE Fastlane and the big match sees Goldberg battle Kevin Owens for his WWE Universal belt after calling him out on Monday’s Raw. Goldberg may have bigger fish to fry as he is set to take on the mighty Brock Lesnar in what will be the standout bout in WWE’s annual centerpiece, Wrestlemania 33, which takes place on April 2 in Orlando. 
To add spice to that match, the plan could well be for Goldberg to win the WWE universe title at Fastlane and then go on to defend it against Lesnar in the main event at Wrestlemania. That would make sense and the sportsbooks are virtually convinced of it. A Bovada review of the odds and a scan through various other online betting sites shows that Goldberg is the overwhelming favorite to beat Kevin Owens in Fastlane’s headline match: Goldberg is -1800 on the money line to win it, while Owens is the rank outsider at +700. That is pretty close to a sure thing in betting terms. 
But it might not necessarily happen. Lesnar v Goldberg will be the standout match of Wrestlemania regardless of whether or not a belt is up for grabs, so does it need to be? If they fight at Wrestlemania for the belt, they have to go for 10 minutes minimum to justify the hype. Given their ages – Goldberg is 50, Lesnar 39 – they are unlikely to last the distance. Lesnar should win it to finally end the hoodoo Goldberg has had over him and claim that elusive victory in the final chapter of this saga, but if he does and becomes the champ, it could prove troublesome for the WWE. Lesnar is part time, and he would probably have to relinquish the belt to join the Raw roster as the ongoing story needs a hook. 

There is another way and it is compelling. The rivalry between Goldberg and Lesnar is really ramping up, so what if Lesnar were to come out and interrupt the match? Owens cannot hope to beat Goldberg in a straight fight, but he has prevailed time and time again through sneaky wins, so this could well see his run extended if Lesnar distracts Goldberg and Owens steals the victory, That would leave Lesnar and Goldberg to fight it out at Wrestlemania, fuelled by even more hatred, but not challenging for the title. They could then have an epic battle for a few minutes and provide the amazing entertainment fans want to see. That all makes the +700 available on Kenny Owens look a pretty good bet right now. 
The really big question is: who will be WWE Universe Champion at the end of Wrestlemania? Lesnar is the huge favorite at -900, but there is value to be had elsewhere. Goldberg is +125 but if he goes into a title fight against Lesnar he is highly unlikely to win. But if Owens retains the belt he could go in as champion, and he is therefore +400 third favorite. But a better idea might be to predict who he might face if he is still the belt holder, and two distinct possibilities spring to mind: Chris Jericho and Finn Balor. Owens’ luck will have to run out eventually and where better than Wrestlemania? Both Jericho and Balor are +600 and they look very interesting options indeed right now.


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