Nicole Bass NOT Dead But Will Be Taken Off Life Support Soon

Nicole Bass Has NOT Passed Away, But Will Be Taken Off Life Support
The Pro Wrestling Sheet has confirmed that Nicole Bass has NOT passed away, despite conflicting reports, but she will be taken off life support this evening as doctors say she is brain dead.
The Pro Wrestling Sheet managed to speak with a front desk employee at the hospital Bass is currently located in, who confirmed she is indeed there. Sources close to the ongoing situation revealed that the reason behind why Bass’ girlfriend wrote on Facebook that she had passed, is due to feeling as though Nicole is already gone from this life.

The 52 year-old Bass was rushed to hospital in New York over the weekend and placed on life support, but as of writing there was no confirmation on what caused her to become unresponsive.
The Pro Wrestling Sheet exclusively revealed that doctors at the hospital suspect she suffered a heart attack, causing her to become brain dead, unfortunately meaning that there is nothing they can do to save her. 
Everyone at All Wrestling offer their sincerest condolences to Nicole’s family and friends.
For more of this ongoing story, be sure to check  the link below.

Nicole Bass — Has NOT Passed Away Yet, Will Soon Be Taken Off Life Support

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