Amid Senate Skirmish, Obama Continues to Shield CIA and Bush-era Torture

What’s in the more than 9,000 pages of top secrets documents held by the White House that the Senate Intelligence Committee and investigators looking into the Bush administration’s torture program are not allowed to see?

After an unprecedented public skirmish between the Senate Intelligence Committee and the CIA surfaced this week over an investigative panel’s look into the agency’s torture program, President Obama said Wednesday that he and his White House would not “wade into” the controversy.

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But according to new reporting by McClatchy, the White House is not only not “uninvolved,” it is actively keeping documents from the Intelligence Committee that it has repeatedly asked to see. As the news agency reports:


According to Robert Parry, investigative journalist and editor at Consortium News, the Obama administration has nobody but itself to blame now that the controversy has now boiled over, more than five years after George W. Bush left office. Shortly after taking office, Obama famously announced the he wanted to “look forward” not back on the misdeeds of the previous administration.

And it’s not as though Obama is powerless now, though he feigns otherwise. Parry writes:

Update: This headline’s previous wording was updated to better reflect main argument.


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