Baron Corbin On Getting Criticism From Fans, Compares Heat He Gets To Vickie Guerrero

Baron Corbin was the most recent guest on Corey Graves After The Bell podcast to talk about fans criticizing his every move. Corbin compares the heat he receives to WWE Hall of Famer Vickie Guerrero.

These neckbeards that want to critique everything you do. ‘Ah, you’ve got four moves.’ Actually, I can do about 600, but when I do four, it irritates you morons. I can use social media as a cheat code. John4576213 on his 12th profile is like, ‘Hey man, your vest looks dumb.’ Okay, that irritates you, now I’m going to wear two. It’s so simple. These morons, and I say morons because you guys are morons, they wanna say ‘He’s got go away heat.’ When I walk out that curtain, everybody is booing me. They don’t understand heat nowadays. ‘This bad guy is getting booed so he must not be good because I would like him if he was good.’ THAT’S NOT THE POINT! They just don’t understand it. It blows my mind. You people can’t be this stupid. I’ve been in the ring with guys and they’ll hear the boos and go, ‘This is Vickie Guerrero heat. I haven’t heard this in five years

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You can listen to his full interview here. (H/T and transcribed by Fightful)


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