Backstage News on the Finish of the Men's MITB Match & Who Knew About Lesnar

— As noted before, Brock Lesnar was not advertised for last week’s Money in the Bank and when he arrived at the arena, he was kept away from everyone, reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Only a few people were even aware that Lesnar would be there and involved in the ladder match and most people backstage were under the assumption that Ali was winning after previously being told earlier in the week that Drew McIntyre would be the winner.

— At some point, all the wrestlers involved were then told that Ali was not going to win and that an eighth wrestler would show up and knock Ali off the top of the ladder. They were not told who this wrestler but would be, but it appears most or all of them believed it to be Braun Strowman. Shortly before the match began, Ali was specifically told that this mystery eighth wrestler would be Lesnar but he was told to keep it quiet.

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