G1 Supercard 2019 Results (4/6): New York City, New York

Ring Of Honor (ROH) teams up with New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) to present the G1 Supercard pay-per-view event this evening from world-famous Madison Square Garden arena in New York City, New York.

The big co-promoted PPV will also be available via the Honor Club and FITE TV digital subscription streaming services.

Follow the results from the show as it happens live right here at Rajah.com. Make sure to refresh this page often for the latest results.


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Honor Rumble

Things kick off with the pre-show Honor Rumble match featuring talent from both promotions. The ring features ROH turnbuckles in two corners and NJPW turnbuckles in the others. The announce team consists of Ian Riccaboni, Kevin Kelly, and Colt Cabana.

The first entrant in the match is Kenny King. Minoru Suzuki is the second. They start the evening off inside world-famous Madison Square Garden arena in New York City, New York.

Also entering the match thus far has been Cheeseburger (#3), Beer City Bruiser (#4), Sho of Roppongi Vice (#5), Shingo Takagi (#6), Bushi (#7), Yoh of Roppongi 3K (#8), Shaheem Ali (#9), Rhett Titus (#10), Leon St. Giovanni (#11), Ryusuke Taguchi (#12), Will Ferrara (#13), Chase Owens (#14), Rocky Romero (#15), Brian Milonas (#16) and Bad Luck Fale (#17), Jonathan Gresham (#18), Tracy Williams (#19), Yoshi-Hashi (#20), PJ Black (#21), Jushin Thunder Liger (#22), TK O’Ryan (#23), Vinny Marseglia (#24), Delirious (#25), Tomohiro Ishii (#26), Colt Cabana (#27), Hirooki Goto (#28), King Haku (#29) and The Great Muta (#30).

Things came down to the final four, which were Liger, Muta, O’Ryan and Marseglia. Liger would go on to eliminate Marseglia and Muta eliminated O’Ryan. This left things down to Muta and Liger. With just The Great Muta and Jushin Thunder Liger remaining, the fans were chanting wildly. When all was said and done, Kenny King, whom everyone forgot about, pops back in and eliminates both to win the match. Afterwards, Muta and Liger beat down King to please the crowd. With the win, Kenny King earns a future Ring Of Honor World Championship match.

Winner: Kenny King

G1 Supercard Pay-Per-View

From there, we switch to the pay-per-view broadcast. The PPV show opens up with sit-down interviews with Jay Lethal, Marty Scurll, Matt Taven and The Briscoes airing in a package on ROH TV. There was also footage of NJPW Superstars talking about the show. A “Going to the Garden” song plays in honor of the show emanating from Madison Square Garden in New York City.

After that, we shoot live inside the rena where pyro goes off and the crowd goes nuts. The broadcast team of Ian Riccaboni, Kevin Kelly and Colt Cabana welcome us to the show.

ROH TV & NEVER Openweight Titles
* Jeff Cobb vs. Will Ospreay

In our first PPV match of the evening, we will have an interpromotional battle with ROH’s Jeff Cobb defending his T.V. Championship against NJPW’s Will Ospreay, who also puts his NEVER Openweight Championship on-the-line in this “Winner Take All” unification match. The match went about 15 minutes and finished with Cobb picking up Ospreay for a Tour of the Islands for the clean victory.

Winner and now ROH TV & NEVER Openweight Champion: Jeff Cobb

Dalton Castle vs. Rush

After we are shown World Armwrestling League Champion Michael Todd in the crowd, we head back to the ring for our next match of the evening. This will be a straight singles bout, with Dalton Castle going up against Rush. Castle had a cool ring entrance. Rush wore a mask and suit for his. As elaborate as the entrances were, the matches were not. Rush ended up blitzing through Castle in 20 seconds with the win. Wow.

Women Of Honor Championship
* Mayu Iwatani vs. Kelly Klein

We are shown Mandy Leon joining the broadcast team. As this happens, we are informed of a backstage attack. We shoot backstage and see Juice Robinson laid out in the locker room. Back to the ring, it’s time for Women of Honor title action. This one was given just over ten minutes, with Klein scoring the clean pin after hitting two K-Power finishers.

Winner and NEW Women Of Honor Champion: Kelly Klein

The Beautiful People Attack & More

After the match, Cary Silkin entered the ring to present Klein with the title. Velvet Sky and Angelina Love then came out without any music. They did their “Beautiful People” shake from their Impact Wrestling days as they confronted Klein in the ring. Jenny Rose comes out, as does Stella Grey, but they were taken out by The Beautiful People.

New York City Street Fight
* Bully Ray vs. Flip Gordon

Mega Ran comes out to perform his “Going to the Garden” song as Caprice Coleman joins the broadcast team. Bully Ray ends up coming out and punking him. With Juice Robinson laid out earlier backstage, Ray says his challenge is still open. Flip Gordon comes out to answer the challenge. Weapons are in the mix. Out comes Silas Young and Shane Taylor to help Ray with the beat down. Juice Robinson and Mark Haskins come out with a bunch more weapons. They beat up Young and Taylor at ringside and then Haskins saved Gordon from being put through a table. After a bunch more chaos, they do the “Wasssuppp” spot to Bully through a table. In the end, Gordon picks up the win.

Winner: Flip Gordon

IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship
* Taiji Ishimori vs. Dragon Lee vs. Bandido

A triple-threat match for New Japan Pro Wrestling’s IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship is up next. The announcers inform us that Lee is wearing a special mask to honor Hiromu Takahashi, who suffered a neck injury when they met for this same title. In what was an excellent, fast-paced match, Lee hit a sit-out powerbomb style move for the clean pin fall victory at just under ten minutes.

Winner and NEW IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion: Dragon Lee

ROH & IWGP Tag-Team Championships
* Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa vs. PCO & Brody King vs. Evil & Sanada vs. The Briscoes (Mark & Jay)

Both the ROH And IWGP Tag-Team Championships are on the line in our next bout. This match will be talked about a lot, but more so for what happened afterwards. Enzo Amore and Big Cass jumped the rail and were attacked by Bully Ray and other wrestlers. Seems to be a worked-shoot angle. The finish of the actual match saw Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa pick up the win to add the ROH Tag-Team titles to their IWGP Heavyweight Tag-Team titles.

Winners and NEW ROH Tag-Team Champions: Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa

British Heavyweight Championship
* Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi

Up next is our British Heavyweight Championship bout. This one will feature Zack Sabre Jr. going one-on-one against Hiroshi Tanahashi. This one was given a decent amount of time, as it ran about 15 minutes. In the end, Sabre Jr. picked up the “W” to retain the gold.

Winner and STILL British Heavyweight Champion: Zack Sabre Jr.

IWGP Intercontinental Championship
* Tetsuya Naito vs. Kota Ibushi

Now it’s time for a classic, as Naito-Ibushi for the IWGP I-C gold is up next. They gave this one a little over 20 minutes, and the fans inside MSG appreciated every last second of it. In an absolute classic, Ibushi defeated Naito with a Kamigoye knee strike for the clean pin fall.

Winner and NEW IWGP Intercontinental Champion: Kota Ibushi

ROH Championship (Triple-Threat Ladder Match)
* Jay Lethal vs. Matt Taven vs. Marty Scurll

The Ring Of Honor Championship is on-the-line now, as a Triple-Threat ladder match pitting Jay Lethal, Matt Taven and Marty Scurll is up next. Nick Aldis joins the gang on commentary for the match. Kamille stood behind him holding the NWA title. There were ladders set up everywhere for this one, which was given a ton of time to play out. About 30 minutes, actually. Lots of high spots off of ladders, all the trimmings — everything you’d expect, and then some. The fans almost took a bump at one point when a ladder went over the guard rail in a scary moment. When the bell rang, it was Matt Taven standing atop the ladder holding the ROH Title as the new champion.

Winner and NEW ROH World Champion: Matt Taven

IWGP Heavyweight Championship
* Jay White vs. Kazuchika Okada

In our final bout of the evening, Jay White will battle Kazuchika Okada with the IWGP Heavyweight Championship up for grabs, in the main event. At about 15 minutes into the bout, they paid off the heat Gedo, who was in White’s corner, was getting, by having Okada beat him up at ringside. Lots of back-and-forth near falls as we reach the 20-minute mark of the contest. We’re passing the 30-minute mark now and the action is still ongoing, and the crowd at MSG is still with every bit of it. One near fall saw White hit with a spinning Rainmaker followed by an additional Rainmaker for a count of 2 1/2. Crowd was shocked. White hits a Bladerunner on Okada and both men are down and out. Gedo tries getting involved again. While arguing with the ref, White gives Okada a low blow. The ref ejects Gedo from ringside. Finally, after a bunch of moves, reversals and back-and-forth near falls, Okada hits a tombstone and two more Rainmakers for the pin. We have a new champion.

Winner and NEW IWGP Heavyweight Champion: Kazuchika Okada

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