NXT Recap (5/1): KUSHIDA Debuts Against Ohno, Dijakovic In Action, Undisputed Era

Tonight’s episode of NXT takes place at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida.

Show opens hyping NXT’s newest signing…KUSHIDA. He makes his in-ring debut tonight against Kassius Ohno.

Intro song.

Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, and Percy Watson welcome us to another edition of NXT. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch make their way out to the ring for the first match of the evening. They are teaming with Humberto Carrillo to battle the Forgotten Sons. The Sons…led by Jaxson Ryker…are out second.

Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch & Humberto Carrillo versus the Forgotten Sons

Lorcan begins with Cutler. Cutler stomps Lorcan down in the corner. Lorcan responds with big chops, followed by a running blockbuster. Running uppercut by Lorcan sends Cutler to the outside. The Sons all try to huddle but Lorcan takes them all out with a suicide dive! Quick-tag to Carrillo, who sends Cutler to the outside with an attack of his own. Sons regroups again so Cutler can tag out.

Blake comes in. Carrillo hits his signature arm-drag but at some point Ryker tagged in. Ryker destroys Carrillo with a spinebuster. Ground and pound. Carrillo in trouble now. Tandem offense by Cutler and Blake keep the luchadore down. Headlock applied by Blake. The Sons with a triple-team move, which ends with Ryker landing a mid-rope splash. Carrillo is able to role the big man up…two count!

Danny Burch comes in hot. He goes after everyone. Release German suplex to Cutler. Enziguri…he climbs to the second rope…missile dropkick. He locks Cutler in the crossface! He’s about to tap…Ryker breaks it up with a clubbing lariat. Carrillo comes out of nowhere with a springboard dropkick. Action spills to the outside. Carrillo goes for a suicide dive but he accidentally hits Lorcan! Burch is left alone in the ring with all three members of the Sons. He fights them all of for a second…the numbers game eventually gets to him. Carrillo gets hit mid air with a huge axe-handle. Triple-team from the Sons…that’ll do it.

Forgotten Sons win by pinfall

Footage from earlier in the day is played showing Shayna Baszler being interviewed. She is asked about her attacks on Io Shirai and Kairi Sane. The champ says that she felt like attacking the pirates to let them know who the head of the division is. The interviewer wonders if the attack came because Shirai has pinned Baszler twice now. Baszler knocks the microphone out of her hand and storms off.

Still to come…Kushida versus Kassius Ohno in the main event. Up next… Dominik Dijakovic against Mansoor.

Commercial for the WWE PC show, streaming on Youtube.

A video from earlier in the week is played where Bianca Belair got into a tiff with Mia Yim right in front of General Manager William Regal. It never gets physical…but Yim versus Belair is announced for next week.

Mansoor makes his way out for the second match of the evening. Dijakovic is out second. McGuinness reminds us that Dijakovic called out Velveteen Dream a couple of weeks ago as a potential challenger for the North American championship.

Mansoor versus Dominik Dijakovic

Dijakovic goes for the discuss boot early! Mansoor ducks and grabs a headlock. Dijakovic pushes him off and goes for a chokeslam. Mansoor shakes him off…frankensteiner! Running elbow! Mansoor climbs for a crossbody…Dijakovic catches him. Huge knee to the gut. HE THROWS MANSOOR TO THE OUTSIDE! Dijakovic throws him back in. Huge release suplex sends Mansoor across the ring. Cover…Mansoor reluctantly kicks out. Huge strikes from Dijakovic. Backbreaker. Second-rope splash! Another suplex attempt from Dijakovic…Mansoor shifts into a sleeper hold! Crowd cheering loudly for Mansoor! He lands another running elbow, then an enziguri. Dijakovic goes for the Feast Your eyes…Mansoor lands on his feet…huge kick to the head! Mansoor jumps onto Dijakovic’s knee…HE USES IT TO JUMP UP AND LAND ANOTHER ENZIGURI! He climbs again…Dijakvoic with a superkick! Huge combo, including a discuss lariat. Feast your eyes…that’ll do it.

Dominik Dijakovic wins by pinfall

Dijakovic throws Mansoor to the outside as soon as the bell rings. Velveteen Dream’s music hits. He appears on the entrance ramp on his couch. Dream says he has some words for Dijakovic…He sings his own made up version of the Star-Spangle Banner. (It’s too much to translate…but trust me…it’s great.) He ends by stating… “This is the Dream’s NXT. And just like that Dominik…Dream over.” He disappears.

Main event is next!

Commercial for the John Cena collection. Over 5 hours of content on the WWE Network.

Recap of last week’s main event…when Johnny Gargano defeated Roderick Strong due some confusion on the part of Adam Cole, who accidentally hit Strong during the matches climax.

Promo from the Undisputed Era. O’Reilly calls Gargano the luckiest man in the history of wrestling.
Adam Cole says that the U.E. is stronger than ever…and just because Strong dropped the ball last week…he promises to defeat Matt Riddle next week. Strong gets upset at Cole and walks off. Fish and O’Reilly ask Cole why he said that, who defends himself by just saying that it was a joke.

Knockout Artists Kassius Ohno is out for the final bout of the evening. KUSHIDA makes his Full Sail debut. (His theme is great.) HERE WE GO.

Kassius Ohno versus KUSHIDA

Kushida offers a handshake…Ohno kicks it away. Nice ground wrestilng from both men to start. Kushida shows off his speed an athleticism. Ohno at one point baits Kushida in pretending to shake his hand, then nails a huge boot to the face. Action picked up with Ohno leaning on his heavy-strike offense, but Kushida proved to be just as hard-hitting, nailing Ohno with a huge haymaker. After enough damage to Ohno’s arm…Kushida picks up the win with the hoverboard-lock. (Kimura) submitting Ohno.

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KUSHIDA wins by submission

KUSHIDA celebrates his first victory in NXT. Loud cheers from the crowd.

That’s the show friends.

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