WWE's Latest Network Subscriber Count; More Notes on Q3 Financials

— WWE released their third quarter financial results earlier today and the results fell short of Wall Street expectations, causing the stock to plummet to $74.94 after the investment call before rebounding to $75.68 at the end of the business day. Here are additional revenue highlights:

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  • WWE announced the Network subscriber count at 1.615 million – up 9% year-over-year – broken down to 1.186 million in North America and 429,000 everywhere else
  • WWE Network revenues meanwhile were only up 2% year-over-year, meaning people were paying less likely due to discounts and free trials
  • Overall revenue was $188.4 million (short of analysts’ predictions of $202 million) and profits were $33.6 million comapred to $186 million and $21.8 million last year
  • Operating income was down from $33.9 million to $18.1 million due to increased spending and expenses
  • Live event revenue declined to $26.7 million and North American attendance averaged 4,500 – the lowest in many years (McMahon said he considers house show attendance as the ‘barometer’ of WWE’s performance and that he knows what’s “wrong” and how to fix it.

— All you financial types can read their full report HERE.

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