Becky Lynch On What WWE Can Do To Create Women's Tag-Team Division

“The Lass Kicker” is making it clear that she wants WWE to create a women’s tag-team division.

During her recent appearance on The Wrestling Compadres podcast, Becky Lynch spoke out about the fact that she is pushing for a women’s tag-team division in WWE.

“I am constantly thinking about it and brainstorming and pitching for it,” said Lynch during her interview on the podcast. “Even if I am not involved with it, I still think that it would be a wonderful step in the Women’s progression. When I say involved in it, I say that because I am going after the Women’s championship and that is where I want to be, but in the future that is where I want to be, especially in the future.”

Lynch added, “It wouldn’t come as a shock if the WWE were to eventually create a women’s tag team division. They currently have a bloated roster of women’s wrestlers and have no shortage of resources to recruit the top international and indy wrestling talent. The current lineup for the Mae Young Classic is indicative of that. We have all these women in the Mae Young Classic and have so many girls and having such a deep roster. We still have a shallow side – not shallow, but there are a few women on either side of Raw and SmackDown. We probably have like 8-10 on either side, so that is kind of tricky do a tag title and Women’s title, but if we can combine and go through all the different things and connect, not sure if that is possible, but who knows.”

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