More on Hulk Hogan's Imminent Return to WWE

— Apart from Ultimate Warrior, Yokozuna and The Undertaker, the Saudi leaders also asked to see Hulk Hogan at the recently completed Greatest Royal Rumble. However, perhaps not wanting to risk controversy, WWE decided not to make that move.

— Amid all the recent reports of Hogan nearing a WWE return, the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter suggests that the wording of WWE’s public statement on the matter “Hogan is not currently under contract to WWE” pretty much tells everyone that they are close to an agreement.

— If and likely when Hogan does return to WWE, it remains to be seen what his role will be. Reports suggest that he will actually get in the ring and wrestle, but he is 65 years old and WWE has already seen what’s happened to Jerry Lawler and Ricky Steamboat in the past.

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