City of Edmonton Bans "Combative Sports"; WWE Postpones Event

– In a weird decision, the city of Edmonton has banned all combative sports for the entire 2018 calendar year after the death of a former MMA fighter, Tim Hague, during a boxing match earlier this year.

– What this means for pro wrestling is that WWE’s upcoming stop in Edmonton on February 9 is pretty much cancelled. Edmonton’s mayor Don Iveson stated that although he understands peoples’ livelihoods may be affected, the city “felt it was appropriate to pump the brakes on this industry and these events.”

– I’m pretty much an Edmonton native, living just outside the city, and this decision is downright ridiculous considering that Hague’s death was preventable since a) the fight should have been stopped before he was ultimately knocked out, b) he never should have been in that fight in the first place as he was an MMA fighter boxing against a professional boxer and c) pro wrestling is a scripted event, not really comparable to MMA or boxing. The decision is also questionable as the city seemed to make sure to make the announcement after the UFC PPV in September went through, which obviously was economically beneficial to the city.

– When I reached out to WWE, they offered the following statement:

“Following new guidelines established by Edmonton’s city council, WWE’s event on Friday, February 9 at Rogers Place has been postponed. We are working closely with the local Commission, and we hope to return with our sports entertainment events to Edmonton in the near future.”

– They also pointed out that tickets for this event actually did not go on sale yet, so refunds, etc. are not necessary.

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