The Lawcast Ep. 28 – WWE Vengeance 2001 Should Be So Much Cooler Than It Is

Welcome back, boys and girls, to another episode of the Lawcast! This week we’re covering a seminal moment in smark history, WWE Vengeance 2001. Yes, this is the hallowed night when Chris Jericho overcame the odds and the expectations of everyone watching to unify the WWE and WCW Championships for the first time in their history, uniting, in truth, the histories of every major territory in American wrestling history in one triumphant moment.

It sucked and was dumb. So let’s talk about it!

Beyond that, we’ve also got the Hardy Boyz and their weird anti-chemistry in singles matches, The Undertaker and Rob Van Dam in one of the funnest matches of this era, and a whole bunch more!

All this and more, this week on the show!

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