More on Anthem/Hardys "Broken" Trademark Battle; Why WWE is Staying Out

— With Anthem’s Ed Nordholm releasing emails yesterday which showed that WWE was not interested in the “broken” gimmick, the story goes that WWE’s stance is simply that they do not want to get involved from a legal standpoint, at least for now.

— WWE’s position is also that they don’t want to set two precedents: first, paying another company for a trademark that they want to use, and second, aiding a talent to secure rights to something they created while under contract as that would might put them at risk when one of their current wrestlers tries the same thing in the future.

— Sources do indicate though that WWE is just waiting to see how things play out and they do have plans to use the trademark/gimmick because if they didn’t, they would have put an immediate stop to the Hardys teasing the characters.

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