More WrestleMania Tickets Released; Roman Reigns Merchandise Sales

  • On 3/28, WWE and Ticketmaster released approximately 1500 more tickets for WrestleMAnia but by the next day, only 900 were left. The NXT show on 4/1 and Raw on 4/3 are completely sold out while Smackdown on 4/4 is 500 tickets short of a sellout. The WWE Hall of Fame has 400 tickets left unsold.

  • Roman Reigns is currently WWE’s biggest merchandise mover, behind only John Cena and when you consider Cena’s part-time status, Reigns is at the top of the full-timer list. This may be one of the huge reasons against a Reigns heel turn as such a turn would result in a significant loss of merchandise money, at least in the short term.

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