WWE Smackdown Live Preview: Jericho vs. Owens, Orton/Mahal, Charlotte/Naomi, more

— Here is the official Smackdown Live preview from WWE.com:

Jericho and Owens square off in WWE Payback rematch for United States Title
Jericho’s first night on Team Blue will be a tough one, as he will defend his newly won title against Owens in a rematch from WWE Payback. The story of Jericho and Owens’ friends-turned-enemies is long and bitter. What will happen when the latest chapter is written on SmackDown LIVE?

Naomi & Charlotte try to break up the welcoming committee
Opponents a week ago, Charlotte and Naomi are joining forces this week to take on Natalya and Carmella in tag team action. Will the “welcoming committee” continue their path of destruction, or will the SmackDown Women’s Champion and The Queen show why they’re worthy of the top spots?

Will Orton be looking for payback on Mahal?
Samir & Sunil Singh blindsided Orton, opening the door for The Maharaja to sneak up on The Apex Predator and clobber him with the WWE Championship. That allowed Wyatt to pin Orton and leave WWE Payback with a victory. Will Mahal feel the wrath of a furious Viper on SmackDown LIVE?

How will Breezango follow up on their huge victory?
The Fashion Police were “showboating and peacocking” after their big victory, then got a little weird with JBL on Talking Smack. Breezango seems to be riding high with less than three weeks to go until their championship showdown. Will they continue to be confident in the face of the ruthless Usos?

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